Are you stressed out about your Child’s Board Exams?

This is an episode for stressed parents about their child’s board exams. This episode concentrates on the stress that both the parents and children go through during the first quarter of the year as their children appear for the most important exams in their life.

Are you stressed out about your child's board exams - podcast episode on Simplified Parenting and emotionally healthy child

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Have you ever given a thought to what are your child’s inner needs during this crucial time? In this first episode, I am listing them down

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Transcript of “Are you worried about your child’s board exams”?

Welcome to the new short series about Exams Stress for parents. This series mainly aims to reduce stress about your child’s board exams for parents.

Off late, I have been talking to some parents whose children are about to appear for either their 10th-grade or 12th-grade exams. Few parents have taken a leave of absence from their jobs/careers for this month or quarter to help their children prepare for the board exams. The parents with whom I spoke are worried and stressed about their children’s exams, and they directly or indirectly pass that stress on to their children.

When I spoke to a couple of teenagers appearing for the board exams, they seemed to be a little cool about the exams. They told me that they know that they are appearing for their most important exams of life, but they are confident about their preparation for those exams. However, if I have to speak bluntly, these kids told me they are peeved by the pressure put on them by parents, neighbors, friends, and other family members. They casually told me that this pressure is becoming a bigger burden for them to handle than the exam preparation.

Honestly, neither the parents nor the children are at fault in this situation. But why are both these sets at loggerheads during the most critical of their children’s lives?

Parents speak from their experience and don’t want their children to suffer in the future due to their performance during these exams. But the problem is that the children have not yet gone through that experience. Hence they can’t relate to your stories or your experiences. Also, they have entered the teenage age, a crucial age of their development.

So they tend to think that they have got this exam under control and they can easily crack them. Their age and hormones give them this confidence, which can be superficial in some instances, or a valid one in certain cases. So as parents, we need to judge whether the confidence the children are exhibiting is based on their hard work or is just superficial confidence. 

When we parents constantly push them to study harder and harder for a better future, the child starts moving away from the parents, as they think we are encroaching on their personal space and cannot trust us.

So, in this first episode, I am listing points where the children would need a little hand-holding before appearing for their board exams.

  1. Most children need the emphasis that our parents are there for them irrespective of the exam results.
  2. They need more help setting up a revision plan and a little handholding in those areas where they face some problems.
  3. They need the emotional support and trust of their parents
  4. They don’t want comparisons with other children or how they prepare for board exams.
  5. They also want quality time with their parents, away from gadgets and exams. This family time is just for chilling out and not talking about exams or the preparation for those exams.
  6. Parents should allow them to have breaks and not nag them during that time.

And as teenagers, their break time is mostly the gadget time, and we parents are worried about it too, isn’t it? So setting up healthy boundaries for using gadgets during this time would be helpful for the students and parents.

So that’s all for today, folks; I will come tomorrow with a few more tips for you parents to manage your board exams stress.

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