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Author Interview: Abhijit Ray of Desert Plant

Welcome to the Author Interview series hosted by Pragun and Me. We both are doing the Author interview series for the Ebooks launched through Blogchatter Ebook program. First among this series is the Interview with Abhijit Ray. The more silent and observant blogger, who writes regularly and consistently. He is also an active reader and gives nice suggestions and encouragement to fellow bloggers.

Abhijit Ray

Us: What inspired to start blogging?

Abhijit: I started writing tentatively sometime in 2010. It was and still is an amateur effort. It was a time when a lot of things were happening in the political scene. I had a point of view that was different. I wanted to express my thoughts. It gave me freedom.

Us: Can you please describe your blogging journey so far? And who are your biggest supporters?

Abhijit: For a long time I had blogged for the joy of writing. It gave me immense satisfaction when I could put my thoughts out coherently. I always believed, maybe wrongly, that if the content is good, the rest will fall in place. I was not part of any group, or political group or any other formation. I did not concentrate on any one area. wrote on any topic I felt like. Because of that, I did not have a dedicated following. I participated in organized blogging with blogchatter, I got to know many people. A few read my posts with some regularity. But I do not have a strong follower base.

Us: Why you did register for the A2Z challenge?

Abhijit: I had heard about the challenge. I wanted to participate. A few months earlier I had participated in “My Friend Alexa” campaign. This campaign improved my Alexa ranking. Participation in the A2Z challenge also did the same thing to my Alexa ranking. Plus I could read and write new blogs, and meet a few new people.

Us: How it feels like to be called as “Author”

Abhijit: Authorship journey is exciting and there is an adrenaline rush. I don’t really see myself as an author. I am nowhere near, in my writing journey, to people I have grown up reading, admiring and adoring.

Us: What is the key learning for you from this Blogger to Author journey?

Abhijit: When one decides to compile his or her posts in the form of a book, one has to be a lot careful about the organization of the plot, the sequence of posts so that a story is conveyed. There should be careful checking and rechecking of posts/stories for spelling errors. Then, of course, a self-published author has to be ready to go extra miles, actually many many miles, to design, format and market his or her book. That is a whole new ball game and needs a lot of effort.

Us: Do you want to share any interesting stuff on this book which has not been captured there?

Abhijit: I have no formal training in creative writing. I am more of an intuitive writer and follow my prompt. I should be more careful about editing. I am really shy about making my own publicity. I feel awkward to come in front of a camera and talk about my book.

Us: Do you want to share any future plans for your blog and books with us?

Abhijit: I definitely want to publish more micro stories (200 to 500 words) and maybe a few longer essays.

Us: How is your overall feeling on Blogchatter’s Carnival and what are your recommendations on the same for other bloggers

Abhijit: My experience has been good. I think Blogchatter has given an opportunity for bloggers to become an author.


So, Friends, this is the short interview of our blogger Friend Abhijit. You can read his much acclaimed Desert Plant book by clicking here.

Desert Plant book blurb:

Desert Plant is a metaphor for a survivor. This plant remains green and retains moisture, in spite of growing under an extremely harsh condition in the absence of water. In this book, titled Desert Plant, Samsher, Shalini and Khurana are also survivors. This collection contains twenty-six standalone stories from the lives of Samsher, Shalini and Khurana.

Pragun has done a candid review of the Desert Plant book and you can find her review here.





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