Author Interview: Kumar Parameswaran

Today, we are planning to introduce our another travel author, who has decided to write a book on Indian Railways and how traveling in Indian Railways can be your next adventure in #BlogchatterEbook Carnival. He is none other than our Kumar Parameswaran. Before we start our chit chat with Kumar, please find below the earlier interviews:

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OK, coming back to our author of the day, Mr. Kumar, read further to find out what ticks him going and his love for travel.
Us: What inspired you to start blogging?

Kumar: It was while working on the business plans for a homestay venture, that I bumped into the idea of doing travel blogging, especially after reading a lot of blogs by I knew it was a way to find traction with similar minds.

Us: Can you please describe your blogging journey so far? And who are your biggest supporters

Kumar: The journey has been very slow paced, but the boost I got from the community of readers has been tremendous.

I have managed to climb to DA 14, PA 28 and Alexa Rank 620000 in a span of 1-1/2 years. My cumulative page views are around 1000 plus per travel blog post, and the bounce rate has been less than 20% and pages viewed has hovered between 2 or 3 per visit. 

Us: Why did you register for the A2Z challenge?

Kumar: The urge to move forward and to build pace in my writing and confidence levels, plus it was part of the creative writing course that I had enrolled in.

Us: How it feels like to be called “Author”?

Kumar: The term author is something alien to me, and I have not been comfortable with it. Still I am trying to come to terms with it, and hopefully, it will get ingrained in me, by the time I write my next book.

Us: What is the key learning for you from this Blogger to Author journey?

Kumar: Creative writing is one thing tried to learn and develop as part of this journey from blogger to author.

Us: Do you want to share any interesting stuff on this book, which has not been captured in the book?

Kumar: A decade of Mumbai local train travel experiences have been something that I didn’t write in the book. For anyone traveling during peak hours, its a true test of the lungs, to stay breathing till your destination arrives and survive the crush of another kind.

Us: Do you want to share any future plans for your blog and books with us?

Kumar: Future plans for my blog would be to get to 50 blog posts by Dec 2019, and begin my thought process for my next book, as a compilation of my travel journey experiences.

Us: How is your overall feeling on Blogchatter’s carnival and what are your recommendations for other bloggers?

Kumar: Blogchatter Carnival is one of the best things to have happened to me, and came at the right time, to boost my abilities to put in 500 words in a single day. That confidence will stay for good. A must for newbie bloggers.

So, friends, hope this interview with Kumar was entertaining for you and you got to know little more about him. In case you want to grab the copy of his wonderful book “Here’s why your train journey could turn a quirky adventure“, then it is here for you all.

My co-host Pragun has done a candid review of the book “Here’s why your Train Journey could turn into a Quick Adventure” and you can find the review here.


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