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Author Interview: Sudip Saha of Tech Know Logy

Today, we are planning to introduce our Techie author, who has decided to write a book on Technology only in the #BlogchatterEbook Carnival. He is none other than our own Technology expert and Influencer Sudip Saha. Before we start our chit chat with Sudip, please find below the earlier interviews:

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OK, coming back to our techie guru, Sudip, read further to find out what ticks him going and how he keeps himself updated regularly

Us: What inspired you to start blogging?
Sudip: It was in July-August, 2010. I was representing my school at an inter-school web-designing contest. We were a team of 3, and as the senior-most member, I selected the web-designing part. After completing the design, I asked them for the content. But, they insisted me to send them the design because they wanted to give it a ‘different look’ with the help of some software. They assured me that would complete it in within a day. We were 5 days away from the day of the event, so I decided to give them a chance. The next evening, they emailed me the screenshots of the work and I was happy with their efforts. The following day, they also showed me the work on their laptop. On the day of the event, in the venue, I tried to open the website files in my laptop, but it didn’t open. I was shocked and immediately called them. One of them inserted a pen drive in my laptop and installed one software. After installing it, the webpages were opening properly. He then told me that he installed a server and the WordPress software on my laptop. After returning home, I did some research on this topic, and that’s how it started.
Us: Can you please describe your blogging journey so far? And who are your biggest supporters?
Sudip: I started blogging in 2010, and it has been a pleasant learning experience since Day 1. I was crazy about gadgets, so I started as a tech blogger. I started on a blog. Later in 2012, I moved to I continued tech blogging till December 2017. Here, I got a good deal and sold it. After a month’s break, I started a new blog – The Bloggers Diary. Here, I started diversification. This blog is like my diary. I talk about various topics – tech, travel, food, and finance. Later, I added some more sections to my blog. Things were going perfectly well. My stats were booming, touching new records. In December 2018, I was invited to join the prestigious Digit SQUAD. Here, I started thinking about launching a dedicated tech blog.
Two things were going in my mind – first was a new tech blog, and the second was the revival of hitechup. I decided to proceed with the second one, and in April 2019, I brought back HiTechup. It’s still like Day 1, and I am m learning something new every day. My readers are my strength. I thank them for their continued support.

Author Interview Series, #shravmusingswrites
Sudip Saha

Us: Why did you register for the A2Z challenge?
Sudip: I update my blog two-three times a week, which translates to 8 to 12 posts per month. When I heard about the A2Z challenge where I will have to post 26 posts in 1 month – 1 post a day (excluding Sunday), I was excited to try it out. It was a challenge for me whether I would able to go beyond 12 posts or not. I am happy that I completed this challenge and who knows maybe in the near future, I may start updating my blog daily.
Us: How it feels like to be called “Author”?
Sudip: My social media profile’s bio contains this quote, “I am the Author of my life”. I believe that we are the authors of our own life. Every day, we start writing a new page. We can’t erase the mistakes of our past, but we can write a better tomorrow. Getting my first book published was a special moment for me, a memorable moment. It’s a milestone that I have achieved.
Us: What is the key learning for you from this Blogger to Author journey?
Sudip: Every day is a learning experience for me, but here I would like to say that as a blogger, we can write short posts, but in a book, we need to explain the content. When we are blogging on a subject, we need to have a ‘Very Good’ knowledge of the topic, while writing a book, the author must have an ‘Outstanding knowledge” of the topic. Lastly, we can add our “Mann Ki Baat” (personal thoughts and suggestions) in blog posts, but we should avoid that while writing a book on a subject.
Us: Do you want to share any interesting stuff on this book which has not been captured there?
Sudip: You will find it in the upcoming edition.
Us: Do you want to share any future plans for your blog and books with us?
Sudip: I am in plans to make my Youtube channel more active. I’ll try to create a youtube video for every blog post. The present version of the book is just a trailer. I need to make it more informative and interactive by adding more content to it. I need some time to complete the book.
Us: How is your overall feeling on Blogchatter’s carnival and what are your recommendations for other bloggers?
Sudip: Blogchatter Ebook carnival is a great platform for those who want to become authors from bloggers. It’s a great community of bloggers, where they can showcase their talent and gain maximum from it. I would recommend every blogger to try it out.

So, friends, this is an interesting interview from Sudip, in case you want to grab the copy of his much-acclaimed book, it is here for you all.

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My co-host Pragun has done a candid review of the book “Tech Know Logy” and you can find the review here.


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