Book Review – Being in Love – Half Fiction Series

Fiction is one genre, one would normally reserve to read on an easy or a tiring day to relax, and I was initially thinking what would Half Fiction series would contain. Maybe the author’s experiences laden with some stories or stories peppered with the author’s experiences. So I decided to find that out and picked up this book for my review.


As the name series indicates, this is just not one long story, but actually divided into 26 short stories. Interestingly, all these stories are intervened with each other and the way the author introduces main protagonists using the missing person’s announcements at a fair is really innovative and make us understand the pain of Rahul (our hero) and how he misses the heroine.

Though the pace is a little slow to my liking, the breakups and the love and the sequences between the characters have been described well. So the reader could feel the pain of the main protagonists.


The author just doesn’t stop himself with the story, but he really digs deep into the psychology of love and explains the different behaviors of the lovers at different points of time in the journey called love.


Some of the analogies he has given in the book ran dry on me, though it made me smile, I felt like some other analogy could be used. Same goes with Shayaris. Few of them are really the best, but few didn’t gel well.

About the Author:

Jyotrimoy Sarkar is one of those passionate bloggers and writers who have already published various anthologies and is well known for his shayaris. We can find his blogs at “Racing Against Time“. Using this platform, he writes on various subjects like Education, Parenting, and Social Issues.

Reviewer’s Note: This review is a part of the Blogchatter Ebook review program. For my other reviews under this category, please click here.

Rating and other Details:

Book Title: Being in Love – Half Fiction Series

Genre: Fiction

Author: Jyotrimoy Sarkar

Number of Pages: 154

Available: PDF, Blog Chatter Library

My Rating: 4.0/5.0

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