Blessed is the Man!

Aarnav and Radha are the newly married couple. Their personalities are as different as Chalk and Cheese. But even after the initial honeymoon period is over, they never got any adjustment issues. Their life was like a long extended honeymoon. Both of them are working,  and share as much load as possible, and in case if they can’t cook, they would go out and eat. Everything was going on smoothly. But Aarnav was the one who started feeling little bored, as he was more influenced by his friend’s words. He started thinking that small fights between couples would always have […]

Dare to be Different

Ajay is a school going kid, who is finding it very difficult to fit in the school. His parents tried changing the schools and various boards of education too. But he was not at all happy at any of these places. He would cry inconsolably before going to school every day. He just doesn’t want to sit and listen in a classroom. All the teachers have a single view about Ajay and that is – He is a very difficult kid to manage.  As he is a more intrinsic kid who hates sitting at one place, unlike other kids. Picture […]

Miracles happen in this fastpaced life too!

Sameer and Saranya are the current days IT couple. Though their names and their professions match with each other, their outlook towards life and social media is completely different. Sameer is more of a traditional and family oriented person. He is not a gadget freak and uses them due to the necessity of this fastpaced life.  Whereas, Saranya, is completely into gadgets and social media too. Along with the gadgets, she got addicted to social media too. She keeps sharing her updates on social media very regularly and has a lot of friends from the virtual world.   They both have […]

Bravery stems from – True Love or Self?

I am writing for the “Write Tribe Festival of Words March 2019” – 7 days of writing Bravely on the Quote Prompt. You can read excellent articles this week from here. It’s a bright sunny day, but the cool mountain breeze makes the day pleasant. The smell of the mountain flowers is invigorating one’s soul.  But not in the case of Mr. A.  He was so lost in thoughts that it took him a while to untangle all the threads dangling around him.  By the time he became free of the parachute using which he jumped from the falling plane, he […]