Book Review – EBook Young Mama’s tales

Parenting is a journey best taken with a helping hand. There would be a lot of advise which the young mother gets to hear from the friends and family. But still there would be times when she would start self-doubting herself and her parenting skills. That’s the time when this Ebook, Young Mama’s tales comes in handy. Dimple Surana is a young mother, who has chronicled her journey into motherhood with lots of funny anecdotes and easy to follow tips. The reason why I picked up this book is that I liked Dimple’s style of writing and I had followed […]

ZEE5 brings Zindagi shows to cool your Summer

ZEE5 is working hard and bringing in the most promising series one after the other on to their platform. No wonder, it’s turning out to be the best family destination on the OTT platform during this lockdown. To make the hot summers cooler and happy for you, the ZEE5 family is bringing is 6 new Zindagi shows on their platform. They are converting this hot and horrid summer into a #SummerofEmotions. New Zindagi Shows on ZEE5 family ZEE5 family of shows is bringing in the new six shows from the Zindagi channel on to their OTT platform. I am listing […]

Book Review: The Patriot’s Legacy – Forbidden Treasure

If you are someone, who likes to read and get yourself immersed in historical fiction peppered with puzzles and adventures, then this book is for you. “The Patriot’s Legacy: Forbidden Treasure” will give you an adrenaline rush with quick and dashing chases and world tour while unraveling a hidden treasure. Book Title: The Patriot’s Legacy: Forbidden Treasure Author: Apurva Bhuta Publisher: The Write Place Pages: 310 Genre: Historical Fiction/Thriller Available at: Paperback/ Kindle This book “Forbidden Treasure” is the first part of the Patriot’s Legacy and it explores the journey of seven youngsters across the world while unraveling the clues […]

Book Review – Lady You’re Not a Man!!

The Woman’s day celebrations would be incomplete if we don’t talk about the book “Lady you’re not a Man!!”. I can confidently say that this is one book, which definitely provides the fire under your wings or let you develop the wings (if you didn’t have till now) to fly away for all the women. So I take this occasion, to present the book review of the book that I enjoyed a lot and actually got inspired to look at my inner strengths once again on this year’s Women’s day. Title: LADY YOU’RE NOT A MAN! THE ADVENTURES OF A […]

The Constitution of India for Children

It’s the Republic day weekend and my 7-year-old kid has started asking me questions about the sovereignty, constitution, republic, and all the other terms after attending a presentation on the need for the Republic day in his school. So I tried explaining to him about those terms at a high level but could see in his eyes that he is not really happy with my answers and a lot of questions started spinning in his head. That’s when I started searching for a book that would explain the Constitution of India for kids online and hit upon the book written […]

Book Review – Nainapur Adventures: Mystery of Forbidden Oak

When a mail came from the Blogchatter for reviewing the Young Adult’s fiction genre, I was one of the first few bloggers who jumped at it, as I keep searching for the right books to introduce to my kid as well as my nephews and nieces. Nainapur Adventures is the book they sent to me for my review. Mr. Arun Iyer has not disappointed me in my pick. And this is one book which the kids would love to pick up and curl on a sofa on the hot sultry summer afternoons or during the cold winter holidays. Review: Mr. […]

Happiness is when Good News Comes in Doubles!!!

This weekend is one of the best weekends in the recent past in our family. Can you imagine the reason? My cousin in UK delivered twins and we were all excited with the arrival of the two tiny little people into our family. Though we couldn’t welcome them personally by being near to my cousin during the time of delivery, we all wanted to share our happiness with her on the arrival of the twins. It’s like Good News came in Doubles into my household. Even my grandparents were so excited and wanted to see their great grandchildren immediately. But […]

Author Interview: Kumar Parameswaran

Today, we are planning to introduce our another travel author, who has decided to write a book on Indian Railways and how traveling in Indian Railways can be your next adventure in #BlogchatterEbook Carnival. He is none other than our Kumar Parameswaran. Before we start our chit chat with Kumar, please find below the earlier interviews: 1st interview – “Abhijit ray” author of “Desert Plant” 2nd interview – “Meena Chatty” author of “Starlit Sky” 3rd interview – “Pratibha” author of “Eco Babycare & Green Parenting. 4th interview – “Varsha” author of “Konkan Diaries” 5th interview – “Geethica” author of “Thoughts and Conversations – Cafes in and around Delhi” 6th interview – “Saba […]

Book Review – Being in Love – Half Fiction Series

Fiction is one genre, one would normally reserve to read on an easy or a tiring day to relax, and I was initially thinking what would Half Fiction series would contain. Maybe the author’s experiences laden with some stories or stories peppered with the author’s experiences. So I decided to find that out and picked up this book for my review. Review: As the name series indicates, this is just not one long story, but actually divided into 26 short stories. Interestingly, all these stories are intervened with each other and the way the author introduces main protagonists using the […]

Author Interview: Ginia Basu of Easy Home Cooking

Today, we are planning to introduce our food enthusiastic author, who has decided to write a book on her Easy Home Cooking recipes in #BlogchatterEbook Carnival. she is none other than our own Ginia Basu. Before we start our chit chat with Ginia, please find below the earlier interviews: 1st interview – “Abhijit ray” author of “Desert Plant” 2nd interview – “Meena Chatty” author of “Starlit Sky” 3rd interview – “Pratibha” author of “Eco Babycare & Green Parenting. 4th interview – “Varsha” author of “Konkan Diaries” 5th interview – “Geethica” author of “Thoughts and Conversations – Cafes in and around […]