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#BlogChatter has started with a new campaign called #HealthWatch as we all know how good procrastinators we are. I guess even they know about us more than us. So their take is that if we practise few of the simple steps mentioned in this campaign by various bloggers, then that would keep us fit in the longer run.

Also, as the saying goes if we practice any new habit for 21 days, then its bound to become ingrained into our mentality. That’s the reason why we teach any new thing to the kids repetitively in the olden days. Especially like shloka’s and other things.

Everybody knows the importance of the health, but tend to procrastinate saying “I don’t have time”.  The research shows that the above excuse is being used by more than 90% of the people who skip exercises.

We don’t have to hit gyms or run marathon’s to keep ourselves fit. Simple stretches, and mindful living and eating would do the trick for us. Please find below the tips I started following since last month. I hope to continue them through out this year. Please watch this space for more updates on how I am progressing.

  1. Mindful waking up – While waking up, everybody would be drowsy and groggy and would want that extra 5 minute sleep. Instead, get up by listening the soul smoothing instrumental music or some Vedic chants, all your drowsiness would vanish and mind/body would be relaxed.
  2. Happy Feet & Happy Body – I prefer walking and walk for half an hour daily. People who prefer jogging/running  can also do that. My advise is not to count your steps or miles at this stage. Walk/Jog/Run to your heart’s content enjoying music on your phone.
  3. Detox water – Drink at least two/three glasses of detox water. You can name it green tea, black coffee, detox water or what ever you wish to.  But in essence, it should contain warm water with different flavors. I prefer using the home-grown flowers to make a different coloured detox water daily. Please watch out my Instagram for more on this.
  4. Limited and Frequent Meals – The saying that goes in our family is the “Hitabukh, Mitabukh” which elaborates that the food we like the most should be eaten in minimal quantity and multiple times and this is what most of the nutritionists are prescribing these days.
  5. Beauty Sleep  – Sleep is utmost necessity for us and before going to bed, please keep away all your gadgets and read a book after the aroma oils have been sprayed in the room. believe me, you would sleep like a baby without any dreams.


Though these are the steps, which I am already following, I wanted to share with you all so that you might like at least few of my ideas. Who wouldn’t want their social media accounts filled with love, when we post our progress after implementing simple tips like above?

I hope I got you interested enough by now to check out the #BlogchatterHealthWatch. For more details click here and watch out my progress on IG. Can I get your status updates too?

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