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Miracles happen in this fastpaced life too!

Sameer and Saranya are the current days IT couple. Though their names and their professions match with each other, their outlook towards life and social media is completely different.

Sameer is more of a traditional and family oriented person. He is not a gadget freak and uses them due to the necessity of this fastpaced life.  Whereas, Saranya, is completely into gadgets and social media too. Along with the gadgets, she got addicted to social media too. She keeps sharing her updates on social media very regularly and has a lot of friends from the virtual world.   They both have a sweet little daughter, and she has just started her play school.  After the play school, she would be dropped at the daycare near their house by the playschool van itself.

Their weekends are always filled with outings and fun activities which Saranya, keeps sharing to her friends in the virtual world. Sameer always tried to stop Saranya posting updates about all their day to day activities, but she never used to listen to what Sameer was saying.

One day, out of a blue moon, Sameer got a call from their kid’s daycare facility. They wanted to report back to Sameer that their kid has not yet reached the daycare and the concerned van driver who drops their kid phone number is coming as switched off.  Panicked Sameer, informed Saranya and called up his friend Ajay, who is in the police department too, to report about this incident. In the meantime, Saranya gets a call from an unknown number.

When she had picked up the phone, the person on the other end started demanding huge money from them to release their kid from his captivity. In the meantime, the van driver was found unconscious near their house itself. So somebody apparently knocked off the van driver and took away the kid.

Hearing this situation, immediately Ajay reported this incident to the cyber-crime team as he knows more about Saranya and her obsession. This police officer could judge based on his experience that this threat should have stemmed out of Saranya’s habits.

After tracking the number from which Saranya received the call and filtering all her social media friends, the cyber-crime team could narrow down the possible suspects to two people. While following them diligently, within a couple of hours, they could identify where the baby is and could rescue her.  This was nothing short of a miracle, as both Sameer and Saranya could get back their sweet little baby unharmed.  And this has happened mainly due to the personal connections which Sameer had with his childhood friend who has joined the police department.

The next day,  when everyone was relaxing at Sameer’s place, Ajay and Sameer started talking to Saranya about the ill effects of social media. She told them she was just following the current day’s trend or convention. “Conventionality is not Morality” replied Sameer. Though he also uses social media, he uses it to only connect to friends and colleagues but never shares his personal details there. As Saranya has shared all her personal details including kid’s school name and how she gets dropped off at the daycare, it was easier for the culprits to play this mischievous game with them.

So the lesson learned for Saranya today is that we should follow the trends with caution and not all trends are correct. We need to judge which suits us and follow it based on our convenience.

I am writing for Day 2 of the “Write Tribe Festival of Words March 2019” – 7 days of writing Bravely on the Quote Prompt. (Conventionality is not Morality – by Charlotte Bronte) You can read excellent articles for today from here.



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