Letter to my Kid about a Decade!!

Dear Son, A Decade is a very long time if you look at the number of days, minutes and seconds. But honestly, time just flies and within no time the 10 years would pass in front of you in a jiffy. Though it might sound paradoxical to you at this 7 years age, that’s the honest truth. Haven’t you heard from your granddad that “Kaalpurush never stays at a single place and keeps running”? So for the so called Kaalpurush a decade is nothing by what a day signifies for us. So standing at the doorsteps (of course you may […]

5 Parenting Lessons from Bollywood Songs

The day I got introduced to Binaca Geet Mala by one of our family friends and my mentor in the late eighties, I became a fan of Ameen Sayani, Radio Ceylon and Bollywood songs. Slowly, as I started understanding the lyrics, I became an avid fan of the Bollywood lyricists, music composers and also the singers of the old Bollywood songs. Even till date, Hindi songs keep playing mostly on loop on my mobile or radio at home. When Pragun and Alapana decided to run the #BollyExpress based on the old Hindi Songs, I thought of penning down the tips […]

The British Council Library – a new place for Family Outing

The British Council Library is revamping its image from the old rigid and silent spaces where only the bookworms could be found to a brand new cultural hub of Chennai wherein the families could relax over the weekends with lots and lots of books as well as some interesting activities designed to cater to all the members of the family. Now, you would be welcomed by the friendly staff at the kiosks instead of the strict librarian, who always uses the gestures to maintain the silence in the library. In fact, the library has become a warm cozy place where […]

Book Review – Nainapur Adventures: Mystery of Forbidden Oak

When a mail came from the Blogchatter for reviewing the Young Adult’s fiction genre, I was one of the first few bloggers who jumped at it, as I keep searching for the right books to introduce to my kid as well as my nephews and nieces. Nainapur Adventures is the book they sent to me for my review. Mr. Arun Iyer has not disappointed me in my pick. And this is one book which the kids would love to pick up and curl on a sofa on the hot sultry summer afternoons or during the cold winter holidays. Review: Mr. […]

స్ధానిక ఆహారం కంటే మించినదిలేదు – అదే విషయం నిరూపించిన టిక్ టాక్

ఆహారానికి సరిహద్దు లు లేవని అంటుంటారు. బహుశా ఆమాట నిజమే కావచ్చు. కానీ, సుసంపన్న వారసత్వం కలిగిన భారతదేశములో విభిన్నమ్యేన ఆహార కథనాలెన్నొ ఉన్నయి. కశ్మీర్ నుంచి కన్యాకుమారి వరకు, అలాగే, ముంబై నుంచి కోలకతా వరకు, ప్రతి ప్రాంతములొ మరియు ప్రదేశములొ ఆ చోట కు ప్రత్యేకమయిన వంటకం ఒకటి ఉంటూనే ఉంది. ఒకోోసారి రెండు ప్రదేశములొనూ ఆ వంటకం ఒకటే అయిన్పపటికీ, దాని తయారి విధానము భిన్నముగా ఉంటుంది. మహారాష్ట్రలోని మిస్సాల్ ను దీనికో ఉదాహరణగా చెప్పవచ్చు. ముంబై మరియ పుణేలో దీనిని పూర్తి భిన్నముగా చేస్తారు. అలాగే, దక్షిణ భారతదేశము వ్యాప్తముగా సాంబార్ తయారు చేసిన్పపటికీ, ఒక్కొ ప్రదేశములొ దీనిని పూర్తి భిన్నమ్యెన దినుసులతొ తయారు చేస్తుంటారు. భారతదేశపు విభిన్నమ్యెన సంస్కత్రులు మరియు ఉపసంస్కత్రులున్ని కలసి ఈ దేశాన్ని ప్రపంచములోనే అత్యంత ప్రఖ్యాతి చెందిన ఆహార గమ్యముగా రుపొందించాయి. ఫుడ్ టీవీతో ఇటీవల జత కలిసిన ప్రఖ్యాత […]

4 Parenting Tips from ‘The Family Man’

‘The Family Man’ on Amazon Prime has taken the country by a storm and you can see a lot of people discussing and reading the reviews about this Amazon Prime video web series. This blog post is not another review of ‘The Family Man’. I am not going to talk about the storyline or the characters, but going to concentrate on the parenting tips that ‘The Family Man’ brings to our attention. The entire series is worth binge-watching through the tightly knit story and good actors who assayed their roles with relative ease. The story is relatable to our everyday […]

7 Top Books on Montessori for Parents

After I became interested in the Montessori philosophy, the first and foremost thing I had done is to search for some good books, which I can read and learn. Over a period of time, I read a lot of books on Montessori and parenting, but giving here, the list of books that I enjoyed reading and keep using them regularly. How to Raise an Amazing Child the Montessori Way: by TIM SELDIN This is the first book, I had picked up other than Dr. Maria Montessori books. The author has done an amazing job by explaining what the Montessori way […]

10 Common Misconceptions on the Montessori system!

There are a lot of questions and myths that a Montessori parent encounters in their day to day life. And this post is trying to capture most of the most common misconceptions on the Montessori system, that I have encountered till date in chronological order. Misconceptions on the Montessori System: Montessori curriculum is not at all academic. Research shows that Montessori children reach higher academic levels when compared to children studying in traditional schools. The reason behind this is the motivation of the Montessori children to learn their subjects of choice. And this motivation gives them higher academic excellence. Montessori […]

What next after Montessori Schooling?

The first and foremost doubt that plagues any parent after they hear about the Montessori Methods is that what is the next path for my kid after he completes his Montessori schooling? Will he be able to compete with the mainstream students? Will he be able to perform better or adjust better in the mainstream schools after changing the schools during their secondary classes level (grade 6 and above)? This article tries to address all those concerns based on my experience with my kid’s peers. This is what other parents of Montessori children doing currently. So these are just a […]

Top 7 Pillars of Montessori Parenting

As a typical first time parent, I was there for each and every minute my kid needed me. I used to think that this time with my kid is very precious to me and I need to have that quality time/bonding with my kid. So all my things/tasks were taking back seat. I never realized my folly in this approach till the time, my kid turned into 3 and I started searching for the right school for my kid. When I learned little about Montessori philosophy and its approach, bringing those Montessori methods into my home seemed a daunting task. […]