We will not accept Free Lunches!! – #WATWB

With the Corona Virus forcing us to take a refugee in our safe homes and stay closed down. But there are millions of people who are suffering out there in the real world, without a roof on their heads and no jobs/money to feed them. The media is doing their job by publishing their tired faces fleeing down from their work cities and migrating towards their home towns/villages. Which is a grim reality indeed. Government and few individuals are doing as much as they can to help these people. But still, it’s not enough. But this story is intended to […]

How to keep Sporty kids at home?

Kids are always active and energetic. So keeping them locked in the indoors would be the toughest task the parents are facing during this COVID-19 endemic across the world. While sitting at house, these high tech kids would always end up getting more and more addicted to gadgets. But we as parents know the ill effects of watching too much TV or any other gadget for that matter. So what should be our other option in that case? Involve kids in the creative work, academic work or the household chores. But there would another set of kids who are into […]

Book Review: The Patriot’s Legacy – Forbidden Treasure

If you are someone, who likes to read and get yourself immersed in historical fiction peppered with puzzles and adventures, then this book is for you. “The Patriot’s Legacy: Forbidden Treasure” will give you an adrenaline rush with quick and dashing chases and world tour while unraveling a hidden treasure. Book Title: The Patriot’s Legacy: Forbidden Treasure Author: Apurva Bhuta Publisher: The Write Place Pages: 310 Genre: Historical Fiction/Thriller Available at: Paperback/ Kindle This book “Forbidden Treasure” is the first part of the Patriot’s Legacy and it explores the journey of seven youngsters across the world while unraveling the clues […]

5 tips to engage kids during School Closure time

Though the news of school closures due to COVID-19, were all over the place, I was deep in my own Etopia of thinking that this wouldn’t happen for me here in Chennai. As there were no incidences of COVID and also Chennai being hot and humid, there is a very rare chance of the virus’s survival here. So I didn’t look beyond the upcoming activity/sports classes for my kid in Summer. But God has other plans and suddenly, I woke up to the news that all the schools in Chennai have been closed till March 31st till grade 5. Now […]

Book Review – Lady You’re Not a Man!!

The Woman’s day celebrations would be incomplete if we don’t talk about the book “Lady you’re not a Man!!”. I can confidently say that this is one book, which definitely provides the fire under your wings or let you develop the wings (if you didn’t have till now) to fly away for all the women. So I take this occasion, to present the book review of the book that I enjoyed a lot and actually got inspired to look at my inner strengths once again on this year’s Women’s day. Title: LADY YOU’RE NOT A MAN! THE ADVENTURES OF A […]

The Constitution of India for Children

It’s the Republic day weekend and my 7-year-old kid has started asking me questions about the sovereignty, constitution, republic, and all the other terms after attending a presentation on the need for the Republic day in his school. So I tried explaining to him about those terms at a high level but could see in his eyes that he is not really happy with my answers and a lot of questions started spinning in his head. That’s when I started searching for a book that would explain the Constitution of India for kids online and hit upon the book written […]

#WATWB Have you heard of Sustainable Clothing?

Right from our childhood days, we would have heard multiple clothing ranges. Cotton, Woolen, Polyester, Nylon, leather and fur etc isn’t it?. All these clothing ranges are made either from the natural, cellulose or synthetic fibres. But now a days, Organic clothing has become a fashionable trend and has become quite famous as well. But all these clothing ranges are not made up of recylable material or used the sustainable measures in their manufacturing. Slowly and steadily, another clothing range is entering into the market and that’s called Sustainable clothing. One can even find it on Amazon and other online […]

Letter to my Kid about a Decade!!

Dear Son, A Decade is a very long time if you look at the number of days, minutes and seconds. But honestly, time just flies and within no time the 10 years would pass in front of you in a jiffy. Though it might sound paradoxical to you at this 7 years age, that’s the honest truth. Haven’t you heard from your granddad that “Kaalpurush never stays at a single place and keeps running”? So for the so called Kaalpurush a decade is nothing by what a day signifies for us. So standing at the doorsteps (of course you may […]

5 Parenting Lessons from Bollywood Songs

The day I got introduced to Binaca Geet Mala by one of our family friends and my mentor in the late eighties, I became a fan of Ameen Sayani, Radio Ceylon and Bollywood songs. Slowly, as I started understanding the lyrics, I became an avid fan of the Bollywood lyricists, music composers and also the singers of the old Bollywood songs. Even till date, Hindi songs keep playing mostly on loop on my mobile or radio at home. When Pragun and Alapana decided to run the #BollyExpress based on the old Hindi Songs, I thought of penning down the tips […]

The British Council Library – a new place for Family Outing

The British Council Library is revamping its image from the old rigid and silent spaces where only the bookworms could be found to a brand new cultural hub of Chennai wherein the families could relax over the weekends with lots and lots of books as well as some interesting activities designed to cater to all the members of the family. Now, you would be welcomed by the friendly staff at the kiosks instead of the strict librarian, who always uses the gestures to maintain the silence in the library. In fact, the library has become a warm cozy place where […]