Author Interview – Pooja Priyamvada of Mental Health Primer

Welcome back once again, friends to the ever interesting, #Author Interview series hosted by Pragun and Me.  We are going to introduce another famous blogger from the Mental Health niche today.  Before we go and talk to her, you can refresh your memory with the previous interviews here: 1st interview – “Abhijit ray” author of “Desert Plant” 2nd interview – “Meena Chatty” author of “Starlit Sky” 3rd interview – “Pratibha” author of “Eco Babycare & Green Parenting. 4th interview – “Varsha” author of “Konkan Diaries” 5th interview – “Geethica” author of “Thoughts and Conversations – Cafes in and around Delhi” 6th interview – “Saba Irfan Ladha” author of “With Love, yours Hatefully” 7th […]

Book Review: Put your best Foot forward

As stated earlier, I am not a big fan of the self-help book and mindful practice books. But after reading Priyanka’s book in the #BlogchatterEbookcarnival, I thought of checking the other titles in the same genre and this title caught my attention. Honestly, the book blurb is also intriguing but what caught my attention “Training your mind in the right way at the right time makes our life easier and productive”.  Though almost all individuals train or talk to their minds to get the desired results knowingly or unknowingly, stating it so explicitly and that making the mind a servant […]

Author Interview: Saba Irfan Ladha of With Love, Yours Hatefully

Welcome back friends, to the #Author Interview series hosted by Pragun and Me.  We are hosting the Author Interview Series for the Authors who got launched this year through the Blogchatter’s EBook Carnival. You can find the previous interview details here: 1st interview – “Abhijit ray” author of “Desert Plant” 2nd interview – “Meena Chatty” author of “Starlit Sky” 3rd interview – “Pratibha” author of “Eco Babycare & Green Parenting. 4th interview – “Varsha” author of “Konkan Diaries” 5th interview – “Geethica” author of Thoughts and Conversations – Cafes in and around Delhi Today’s we are going to introduce you the most passionate blogger, who got featured on Humans of Bombay […]

Book Review – Thoughts and Conversations; Cafes in Delhi

People who love their coffee or even Tea would like to sit leisurely and enjoy the taste of their beverage. To enjoy their cup of tea or coffee, the surroundings also matters. If we have an ambient atmosphere to enjoy our tea/coffee with our friends/family, then that cup of tea/coffee would remain etched in our memory. The cafe culture started in India keeping this in mind only. Geethica Mehra’s book brings out all those hidden cafes in Delhi. She has chosen mostly the cafes that are well hidden from the busy world and would offer you a very leisurely experience. […]

Book Review – Konkan Diaries

The name of the book in itself is quite inviting, as I heard and read about Konkan during my school days. Since I have never been to that part of India, I felt compelled to pick this book up for my review under the travel genre. This book does complete justice to its name and takes us on a virtual tour of the hitherto relatively unknown yet very beautiful place called Konkan. Konkan is the area covering Maharastra and part of Goa. And this book talks mainly about Sindhudurg, a relatively unknown place again. Review: Varsha (the Author of the […]

Book Review: Flowered Bytes

The title of this book was quite intriguing and my initial thoughts after reading the title were that it has something to do with various flowers and the stories surrounding the flowers. But Anand has proved me wrong and this I came to know only after I started reading the book, as the book blurb also didn’t give any hint of what’s inside the book.     The Book Blurb: Flowered Bytes is all about stories, which captures your mind. The book is not a big novel with lengthy pages but it includes crisp, concise and succinct short stories with a […]

#WATWB – Sustainable House that doesn’t need Government Support

Can you imagine living in a city and not taking any services from the Corporation where you live? Not even Electricity, Water or Gas is required for you to live in that house – looks unimaginable and undoable right? But there is one man in Chennai, who proves you wrong by living in a house that doesn’t need the government to provide him with any amenities. He generates his own Electricity, Gas and even started generating his own water from thin air. Unbelievable isn’t it? Yes, it takes me great pride to introduce you all to Mr. Suresh (better known […]

Book Review – Eco Baby Care and Green Parenting

The moment I heard the word Green Parenting, it intrigued me a little bit, as we heard so much about Green living but never Green Parenting. I never imagined that Parenting could also be Green. So that’s the reason which made me pick up this book with curiosity. Review: My reverence towards the author (Pratibha) has gone up by a few notches, the moment I read her introduction of the book itself. Can you imagine a six-year-old kid wondering about how safe the products really are and looking for Organic alternatives? If she has become successful in implanting the Organic […]

Author Interview: Abhijit Ray of Desert Plant

Welcome to the Author Interview series hosted by Pragun and Me. We both are doing the Author interview series for the Ebooks launched through Blogchatter Ebook program. First among this series is the Interview with Abhijit Ray. The more silent and observant blogger, who writes regularly and consistently. He is also an active reader and gives nice suggestions and encouragement to fellow bloggers. Us: What inspired to start blogging? Abhijit: I started writing tentatively sometime in 2010. It was and still is an amateur effort. It was a time when a lot of things were happening in the political scene. […]

Book Review – 26 Days, 26 ways for Happier you

I am a person, who normally stays far off from all the self-help books and had I come across this book in any book shop, maybe I wouldn’t even have touched it honestly. But I read Priyanka’s blogs during A2Z and they never came under the self-help but her quick humor and the way she tackles the difficult topics like depression and Judgementalism seen very commonly around us. So that’s the reason why I picked this book of hers for my review in the “Mental Health” genre. Review: All the chapters in this book are full of Priyanka’s honest writings […]