Book Review – Starlit Sky – A World to explore

The title of the book itself is giving the heads-up that the book is about the sky. But since this book came under the genre of the non-fiction, I was thinking that it can not be about the stories that happened under the sky. But as the #Blogchatter gave me this book as a compulsory book to review, I had picked up this book and started reading. Yes, my initial doubts were very much correct and this book is not about the sweet nothings that happened under the sky, but it’s about the stuff that’s happening in the sky. Still […]

How to Raise an Avid Reader

Reading should not be presented to children as a chore or duty.  It should be offered to them as a precious gift. —Kate DiCamillo These days, unfortunately, we as the parents are giving the gadgets as gifts to the kids and forgetting the most important gift, which opens the entire world in front of them. A wise old man had already said that “Books are the Window to the World”. But honestly, how many of us are really opening this window to our kids? As a toddler, most of the kids would be happy to see the big pictures on the […]

5 must-read books for Aspiring Entrepreneurs

Entrepreneurship is like undertaking a unique journey, which no one has taken till now. No colleges or schools can prepare you completely for this journey. If the entrepreneur zeal is there in the blood, no one can stop you. But your being unprepared is the way to start this journey of Entrepreneurship. But there is some help available from the people who had already gone through this journey your planning to attempt and their trial and errors have been documented in books, which would become your lighthouses, in the voyage you are going to undertake in the dark sea of […]

Book Review – Creative Kids by Surabhi Prapanna

During the A2Z challenge, I had read some of the blogs from Surabhi and really liked a few of them and we did try a few like (homemade bubble mixture and others). I was waiting for this book, as in between due to my travel, I missed a couple of days reading. Review: This book contains all the creative works that we can do with the kids with the materials available in the house. The instructions to complete the craft works have been given in a detailed manner and they can be completed with minimal adult supervision. Apart from the […]

Book Review – Travel India with a toddler

Though I read a lot of books, travel books, is one genre, I never ventured into. Because I feel that reading travel books and planning your travel spoils the thrill and surprise element in the travel.  One tends to travel only for relaxing and to have the missing surprise element in their daily lives, isn’t it? But “Growingwithnemit” is one blog I heard (rather saw) in twitter a lot during the A2Z campaign and was curious to see what this blog and book really holds. That’s the reason why I picked up this book in this genre first when compared […]

Book Review – The adventures of the JP family

The title intrigued me so I download without much trepidation and this book lived up to my expectations. So have to really applaud Radhika Acharya’s fine writing skills to make this book interesting and engaging. This is one book, I can strongly say to have it on your reading table (or tea table, if you have one at home) all the time, as it has the power to lift one’s mood with its subtle humor and amusing short stories. Review: This book contains 26 short amusing stories which are laden with good and healthy humor. The story is set at […]

Book Review – My Land across the Border

I heard a lot about this author from my other blogger friends and how he has published three books in the Blog Chatter EBook Carnival. So it kind of spiked my interest to read his blogs. But the hectic schedule of conceptualizing, writing and reading friends blogs during A2Z didn’t give me sufficient time to read his blogs. So I waited for the book to come out. As told earlier by my friends, Sayan is the one who never disappoints us. So he came up with a very professional book covers (I can confidently say that its one of the […]

Book Review – Tiffin treats

Tiffin box is one item in the entire kid’s belongings that moms would be more obsessed about. In fact, the first question that comes from the majority of the mom’s while picking up their kids after the school would be “Dabba khaya kya?”  (have you finished your tiffin box?). Even the mom’s like me who are not vocal about this question would stealthily check the weight of the lunch bag and start asking questions leading to the lunch box. Isn’t this the case with you all my dear friends? So here comes our savior to tackle all our tiffin box […]