Miracles happen in this fastpaced life too!

Sameer and Saranya are the current days IT couple. Though their names and their professions match with each other, their outlook towards life and social media is completely different. Sameer is more of a traditional and family oriented person. He is not a gadget freak and uses them due to the necessity of this fastpaced life.  Whereas, Saranya, is completely into gadgets and social media too. Along with the gadgets, she got addicted to social media too. She keeps sharing her updates on social media very regularly and has a lot of friends from the virtual world.   They both have […]

Bravery stems from – True Love or Self?

I am writing for the “Write Tribe Festival of Words March 2019” – 7 days of writing Bravely on the Quote Prompt. You can read excellent articles this week from here. It’s a bright sunny day, but the cool mountain breeze makes the day pleasant. The smell of the mountain flowers is invigorating one’s soul.  But not in the case of Mr. A.  He was so lost in thoughts that it took him a while to untangle all the threads dangling around him.  By the time he became free of the parachute using which he jumped from the falling plane, he […]

Do you think Death is the full stop to your life?

Most of us who believe in Indian scriptures still believe that Death is just the migration of our soul from one state to the higher state and the physical remains of the body would disintegrate. And this has been proven by recent advances in the research.  For those, who don’t believe this also agree to the fact that post the death, the physical remains of the person would disintegrate. Pic Credit: Google But with the recent scientific advancements, the physical remains of the body need not disintegrate into nature, but can still continue giving life to more people. The medical […]

Healthy Beginings – Makes one Healthy and Wealthy

#BlogChatter has started with a new campaign called #HealthWatch as we all know how good procrastinators we are. I guess even they know about us more than us. So their take is that if we practise few of the simple steps mentioned in this campaign by various bloggers, then that would keep us fit in the longer run. Also, as the saying goes if we practice any new habit for 21 days, then its bound to become ingrained into our mentality. That’s the reason why we teach any new thing to the kids repetitively in the olden days. Especially like […]

Am I Not Your Mother – My Dear?

I got a dream in the early morning of May 8th (#Mother’s day) which set me into pensive mood. The person who came in my dream was a beautiful woman clad in a saree, but with a very sad face and teary eyes. No don’t get me wrong, it was not my own MOM or my MIL, but it was none other than Mother EARTH. The questions which she asked me are the ones which put me into a thoughtful mood just not that whole day, but the entire week. I felt very sad seeing her tears and asked her […]