Hi, I am Suhasini, IP from MommyShravmusings, and Welcome to the World of Simplified Parenting with Emotionally Healthy Children.

Parenting is never an easy task. And I firmly believe in the age-old adage that:

“It needs a village to raise a happy and successful child.”

Since that village is missing in the current modern and competitive world, I am trying to bridge that gap with my work here. As a parent, you might need just the following:

  • A friend to hear about your parenting struggles without giving you a judgemental look.
  • A peer to listen out and encourage you on your excellent day
  • another parent to pat your back when your child is doing good
  • Another parent who likes to share her mistakes on positive parenting and Montessori parenting
  • A mentor to guide you towards the right resources in tackling everyday parenting struggles, which might seem impossible to you
  • A play therapist who tries to open your child’s mind to the unending world of possibilities the play can provide them
  • A coach to offer different pieces of training and workshops in which your child may be interested
  • A storyteller recites unheard or forgotten stories from our culture and traditions.

Then be assured, my dear friend, you are in the right place.

I am a certified child psychologist and practicing Life Coach for both parents and kids. I blog mostly about the Emotional health of children and parents. Since I am a single child with only one boy, who is a budding cricketer, I also write about Single Child Parenting and Sports Parenting.

You can even check out my Web Stories to glimpse what I am doing here in this Internet world.

Make yourself comfortable here and enjoy your stay in my internet home. ?