Parenting tips from Indian traditions

During Navratri, we worship the 9 different incarnations of Goddess as nine different manifestations of Shakti, or cosmic energy.

Navaratri or Dussehra is celebrated across India in different forms.


Maa shailaputri

She is worshipped as the manifestation of the Earth we live in. Accepting all the natural forces surrounding us.

Every child is unique and different

As parents, it's our responsibility to accept their uniqueness and nurture their true nature.

02. Maa Brahmacharini

She is worshipped as a cheery and jubilant 9-year-old girl.

there is a right age to identify your child's talents

Till then don't force your child and give them just the required exposure.


maa gayathri devi

Everything is present with in the individual itself. Both Positive and Negative thoughts.

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