Welcome to Suhasini’s world – That’s precisely me!!!


Before getting into this page – a little about me and my journey so far!!!

I started my journey from the humble little temple town Tirupati. Completed Chemical Engineering from IIT Mumbai.  My days at IIT Mumbai, got me interested into research which became my life at that point of time. So it gave me 2 international patents and four technical paper publications in the International journals.

But the trending IT profession called me in and I also jumped that craziest band wagon.  It gave me good exposure to life and world. It introduced me to a new passion called traveling bug.  As a result, I became a weekend back packer.

During this travel, met my bestie, who decided to share his life with me. So instead of one back packer, it became two of us to explore both the technology as well as new places. In this long IT journey of 15 years in just two companies I was lucky enough to make some good friends, who have become as good as my childhood friends.

Then came the best blessing from heavens in the form of Shravanth, who turned our life just upside down. From a hard core career woman, I got converted to a blogger, gardener, play mate and everything to my little one along with being mommy.

This page is mainly due to the encouragement of my fellow blogger friends and mentors, apart from my hubby. This captures all my feelings in this new journey and this is going to be my new avatar for a while.

Happy Viewing and Reading. Please spread some love by frequent visits and comments.

Also, please check out my Kid’s world @Shrav


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