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Hi, I am Suhasini, IP from MommyShravmusings, and Welcome to the World of Simplified Parenting with Emotionally Healthy Children.

Parenting is never an easy task. And I firmly believe in the age-old adage that:

“It needs a village to raise a happy and successful child.”

Since that village is missing in the current modern and competitive world, I am trying to bridge that gap with my work here. As a parent, you might need just the following:

  • a friend to hear about your parenting struggles without giving you the judgemental look
  • a peer to listen out and encourage you on your excellent day
  • another parent to pat your back when your child is doing good
  • another parent who likes to share her mistakes on positive parenting and Montessori parenting
  • a mentor to guide you towards the right resources in tackling everyday parenting struggles, which might seem impossible to you
  • a play therapist who tries to open your child’s mind to the unending world of possibilities the play can provide them
  • a coach to offer different pieces of training and workshops in which your child may be interested
  • a storyteller to recite unheard or forgotten stories from our culture and traditions

Then be assured you are at the right place, as there is enough variety of articles to keep you engaged here.

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My Services and Offerings

The following is the list of services I currently offer; you can pick the ones you want.


  • 1-1 Coaching Programs for Parents and Kids
  • Group Coaching Programs for Parents or Kids
  • Storytelling Sessions
  • School Programs


You can message or talk to me by clicking here, depending on your requirements.

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