Magic of the Vocabulary building games

How many of you have heard from the school that your child’s vocabulary needs to be improved or even that your child’s vocabulary is exceptional? Have you ever wondered why there is so much stress on building the vocabulary in children? What are the vocabulary building games and what is the real need for them? Vocabulary is an integral part of any language. The research shows that children below 3 years tend to pick up more than 10 words per day. Also, as per the same research, the children below six years tend to pick up 3-4 languages easily. But, […]

Pareeksha – talking about real travails of the Indian Education system

ZEE5, in order to capture and retain its current number 1 position in the video streaming platforms as the family-based entertainer has decided to release a host of original movies in the month of August. Pareeksha is one such long-awaited movie, which takes the tough take on the Indian Education system. The current sad state of the Indian Education system, only the rich and privileged are eligible for quality education. Everyone agrees that to fulfill one’s dreams one needs education. But in the current Indian Education system, the economically challenged students never get a fair chance or equal opportunities to […]

Powerful Storytelling app that I use for my Kid

Are your kids getting bored without schools and are they missing their timeout with the friends due to this lockdown? Are you worried that this lockdown is not giving you enough time to spend that quality time with your kid, as you are busy managing the household work and your official/unofficial jobs? If all these questions are yes, then you are in the same boat like me. But honestly, I found a good solution which I want to share with you all. That solution is a powerful storytelling app that has been recently launched.  MaPa Story App: My friend recommended […]

ZEE5 Kids is the New Favorite channel of my Kid

ZEE5 is fast becoming the most popular channel among kids, after introducing their Kids channel, ZEE5 Kids. They started streaming most of the kid’s favorite shows along with a few new series as well. Any child who can find all his favorite Kids Shows in one channel, will get addicted to that channel, isn’t it? The same is the case with my kid as well. Popular Kids Shows on ZEE5 Kids The kids are spoilt for choice when they login to ZEE5 kids to watch their favorite shows. As almost all the kid’s favorite shows are present here. Starting from […]

7 Tips to avoid the Digital Eye Strain in Children

Gadgets attract children and they normally get hooked to the gadgets at an early age itself. But the digitally conscious parents try to restrict the usage of gadgets by their children by imposing the time limits and restrictions. The reason for this is that the parents doesn’t want the digital eye strain to be part of the growing up years of their children. But, with the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, the children are bound to the house, with no option of going out and playing. As socializing is an integral part of their growing up years, most of the […]

The Family that #ShareTheLoad stays together

Three months back, our entire world went into the topsy-turvy mode with the announcement of #Lockdown 1.0. All of us are forced to stay inside the house, locked up and that too, without any luxuries (which we never thought till that date as luxuries). All the services that were outsourced till date like cooking, laundry, housekeeping all fell back on us, as no one can come into the house or we can go out. So, in most of the houses, all this extra load would have fallen on the poor mommy’s shoulder. But not in our house, as we believe […]

Book Review – EBook Young Mama’s tales

Parenting is a journey best taken with a helping hand. There would be a lot of advise which the young mother gets to hear from the friends and family. But still there would be times when she would start self-doubting herself and her parenting skills. That’s the time when this Ebook, Young Mama’s tales comes in handy. Dimple Surana is a young mother, who has chronicled her journey into motherhood with lots of funny anecdotes and easy to follow tips. The reason why I picked up this book is that I liked Dimple’s style of writing and I had followed […]

Online Education – A different perspective

The enraging pandemic is bringing a new Normal everywhere. Work has moved to houses and those people who are not able to work from home are losing their income and livelihood. It has not even spared the students. Elder children have missed their board exams and competitive exams. Younger children have missed their year-end exams and classes. With summer vacations coming to an end, and policymakers announcing that the education would shift into the virtual model, there comes a series of questions and concerns from all the corners. This blog is purely based on my discussions with my fellow parents […]

Tips to prepare the children for Online Schooling

With the COVID-19 pandemic still continuing, the schools are opting out for going online for the next academic year. As the announcement came from the government about online schooling, more and more parents are getting concerned about the feasibility and the amount of work that would fall on them. For the elder children, joining the online classes and keeping up with the syllabus can be an easy task, but what about the toddlers and the younger children? Do they really need online schooling? Can’t they just be with their parents and learn some stuff. Well, that’s another topic for discussion, […]

ZEE5 brings Zindagi shows to cool your Summer

ZEE5 is working hard and bringing in the most promising series one after the other on to their platform. No wonder, it’s turning out to be the best family destination on the OTT platform during this lockdown. To make the hot summers cooler and happy for you, the ZEE5 family is bringing is 6 new Zindagi shows on their platform. They are converting this hot and horrid summer into a #SummerofEmotions. New Zindagi Shows on ZEE5 family ZEE5 family of shows is bringing in the new six shows from the Zindagi channel on to their OTT platform. I am listing […]