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Suhasini of MommyShravmusings

My Mission

The current competitive world has taught us and conditioned us in such a way, that we as parents are pushing our children to achieve something big from a tender age itself. That has become all more pronounced with the advent of social media.

In this entire process, we are not realizing that we are actually robbing the children of their beautiful childhood, which would in fact help in shaping them into emotionally and mentally strong adults of the future. The stress and pressure today’s children are going through right from a tender age are making them more and more vulnerable and susceptible. They are not equipped to deal with the curve balls that life would throw at them and are always on the lookout for easy ways to come out of those situations.

As the age-old saying goes, it takes a village to raise a child and that village will teach them all the required life lessons to navigate through any uncomfortable situations. Since that village got replaced with digital gadgets, kids are getting lost in the digital jungle.

As a Kids, parents life coach, and storyteller I am providing support to the parents and children who like to come out of that digital jungle unscathed and provide them with the tools and tips so that they can become more emotionally and mentally strong. An Emotionally Happy Child of today would be a mentally strong adult of tomorrow.

The driving force behind all my works is the treasure trove of sweet memories that I carry from my childhood. I want this generation of kids also to have those sweet little memories and stories that they can carry with them into the future. These memories and stories would only give them the strength required to navigate through any of the complex situations in life. 

My Story

I was born as a parent in 2012, and that’s when my brush with blogging started. My initial blog, “Shravmusings,” began as my kid’s window to the world, capturing his views, struggles, and thoughts while growing up.

Then I took a diversion and became a Parenting blogger, as there are so many things that I felt strongly about and wanted to share with fellow parents. These were just a few rants and struggles that I was sharing with fellow parents.

Right from day one, I always learned along with my child, and I attended a few courses in Montessori methodology and then gravitated toward Child Psychology. After completing my child psychology courses and seeing troubled children all over (including mine too), I decided that it was time for me to concentrate on the Emotional Health of children. That’s how my blog took this new avatar.

 As we all know, we can’t pour from empty cups; hence, this blog also concentrates on the Emotional and Mental Health of the family (both parents and children) and provides various tips and tools that I use in my consultation for multiple clients. 

My Message to all Parents

 My dear Parents, I want to remind you of a few key points that we tend to forget in our day-to-day busy schedule. 

  • Every Parent is the best parent to their children. You are doing what is right for your child
  • Please come out of the Parental guilt, your child needs you more than your guilt
  • Don’t give up on your ME time or your couple time. One can’t pour from an empty cup.
  • Your child might not listen to you but would definitely imitate and follow you as they learn more by watching you.
  • Your child is not your means to fulfill your pending dreams. He /She is another new individual, and let him/her pursue their own dreams

Where can you find my work?


Listen to my Simplified Parenting Podcast

 Alternatively, you can read my detailed blogs here or on Medium

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My Books on Parenting and Children’s fiction are available here.

Want to Get in touch with me?


I truly cherish connecting with my audience and knowing them better, so you can contact me here to get in touch. 

Areas of Authority for Speaking

  • Emotional Intelligence for Kids and Adults
  • Positive/Gentle Parenting Tips
  • Conscious or Intention based Parenting
  • Experiential Learning for Kids
  • Prioritizing Joyfulness and fun in Parenting
  • Digital Deaddiction for Kids or Parents
  • Conscious usage of Gadgets
  • Storytelling workshops