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I am glad that you have decided to book a group session with me. I can conduct for both Kids and Parents. The sample topics for which I can conduct the sessions are mentioned below:

                                    Parenting Sessions topics

📌Gentle/Positive Parenting tips

📌Mindful/Intention based Parenting tips

📌Parental Self-care tips

📌Digital Deaddiction

📌Productivity Sessions

📌Adopting the Connection based parenting principles

                                  Kids Sessions Topics

🔖Anger Management

🔖Sibling Rivalry

🔖Growth Mindset


🔖Emotional Intelligence training

🔖Digital Deaddiction

Group Sessions for either Parents or Kids with Mommyshravmusings

                                              What you will get in the Session?

🔑 A fun-filled session for 1 hour with lots of activities

🔑 For kids, the training would be conducted along with stories

🔑 Follow up affirmations to be practiced at home

🔑 Few follow up activities that can be used to continue your learnings from the session

The price for the Group Session would be decided based on the location, the number of participants, and other details. The base price is:

USD 5$ or INR 350 for 1-hour session per participant for a minimum of 5 participants