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Psychological Effects of Divorce in Kids - blog post in Mommyshravmusings

Psychological Effects of Divorce in Kids

Divorce isn’t easy.  Many songs, books, articles, and general discourses have been written and talked about it advising on when and to get a divorce, how to overcome it minimizes its financial, psychological, and societal impact. But when kids are involved, divorce becomes a much more complicated and sensitive situation. Divorce has a huge impact …

Parenting Pebbles from Navadurgas

Navratri Parenting Pebbles from Navadurgas – Part II

Navratri Parenting Pebbles from Navadurgas is a three-part blog series that captures the ancient parenting wisdom shared by Navadurgas through their different incarnations. Each incarnation of Maa Durga that’s worshipped during the Navratri has a hidden meaning and purpose. Once we try to understand that hidden purpose and meaning, we would be amazed at how …

Benefits of Art therapy for Kids

7 benefits of Art Therapy in Raising Happy Kids

Stress is taking over everyone’s life. Even toddlers are undergoing a lot of stress these days. A happy childhood is becoming a myth due to the outside competitive world, peer pressure, parental pressure, and the continuous use of gadgets. So during these uncertain times, it’s always beneficial to turn towards arts. Time and again, it’s proven …