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Funny Questions to ask Kids

10 Fun Questions to ask the Kids, so that they can Talk

Children by nature are a curious lot. During their growing up days from infancy to toddlerhood, they are always on the lookout for information and once they start talking, they become question banks of sorts. They come to you one single question, which keeps getting extended into a question-answer session, irrespective of whether you are …

How to identify the Oppositional Behavior Disorder in Kids

5 Best tips to recognize Oppositional Defiant Disorder (ODD) in Kids

Most of the kids have the tendency to say NO to parents, especially, teenage kids. Everyone would agree that even the most amicable and well-behaving kids will also become challenging to handle. At times they keep throwing tantrums and keep saying NO to everything. Just because they are becoming NAY-SAYERS or Negative-Nancies, doesn’t mean that …

Tips to overcome Negativism in Kids

5 Best Tips to help you overcome your Child’s Negativity problem

Most of the teenage kid’s parents would have seen their kids becoming “Negative Nancies” all of a sudden, isn’t it? The pre-teen kids and teenage kids are known to say NO to everything the parents suggest. Will, that constitute “Negativity” in kids? No, and Yes also to a certain extent. Research shows that some kids …