4th of July Fun Activities for Teens and Preteens - a blog post by mommyshravmusings

15 Best 4th of July Fun Activities for Teens

Finding quality time with our teenagers can feel challenging in today’s fast-paced world, filled with endless distractions and the hustle and bustle of daily routines. Yet, the 4th of July offers a perfect blend of festivity and family bonding. This special weekend is a chance to break free from the usual and dive into a world of excitement and joy. It’s about experiencing those spontaneous moments of laughter, the thrill of trying something new, and the simple pleasure of being in each other’s company. Here are our curated 4th of July fun activities for teens and tweens.

Spending this holiday with our teens and tweens is not just about the fun activities; it’s about creating a tapestry of shared experiences to strengthen family bonds and build a reservoir of happy memories. From the sparkle of fireworks lighting up the night sky to the joy of an impromptu dance party, each moment is a chance to connect on a deeper level. So start planning a fun-filled long weekend holiday with your teens and preteens.

4th of July Fun Activities for Teens and Preteens - a blog post by mommyshravmusings

4th of July Fun Activities for Teens

Here’s a detailed and engaging list of 4th July fun activities for teens and preteens that you can use to start your planning.

Outdoor Movie Night:

Create a cozy outdoor theater with bean bags, fairy lights, and blankets. Provide a variety of snacks like popcorn, candy, and soda. Let the teens vote on the movies to ensure they’re excited about the selections. Consider using a theme, such as superhero movies or popular teen comedies.

Fireworks Show:

Attend a local fireworks display or, if legal and safe, set off your own fireworks after getting the necessary permissions. Teens can enjoy the vibrant colors and the festive atmosphere. You can set up a photo booth with patriotic props for teens to take fun pictures at your house before your family heads for the fireworks show. If watching a community display, bring comfortable seating and blankets to make it a relaxed and enjoyable outing. If you organize the show independently, provide glow sticks, sparklers, and other light-up accessories to enhance the experience.

BBQ and Pool Party:

You can host a BBQ with friends and family and organize pool games like water volleyball, diving contests, and pool basketball. You can also plan a DIY burger or hot dog station where teens can customize their meals. You can ask the teens to play their favorite current hits to keep the energy high. Consider adding a friendly competition with prizes for the best cannonball or the most creative pool float.

Patriotic Crafts and DIY Projects:

Provide various materials and ideas, from tie-dye kits for making patriotic shirts to supplies for decorating mason jars or friendship bracelets. Host a mini craft fair where teens can showcase their creations. Please encourage them to make items they can use or wear during the celebrations. They can also prepare glow necklaces using beads of red, white, or blue. Or they can use the readymade glow necklaces and create their own fun activities.

Music and Dance Party:

Create a themed dance party with red, white, and blue decorations. Include a mix of popular songs and patriotic tunes. Organize dance-offs or teach a simple group dance that everyone can join in. Use apps like TikTok to record and share fun dance challenges.

Camping and Bonfire:

If possible, take a camping trip or set up tents in the backyard so that you can end the evening with a bonfire, roasting marshmallows, and sharing stories. Plan a backyard camping adventure with tents, sleeping bags, and outdoor games. Have materials ready for making s’mores and telling ghost stories during the bonfire. Provide a telescope for stargazing and encourage teens to identify constellations.

4th of July Fun Activities for Teens and Preteens - a blog post by mommyshravmusings

Scavenger Hunt:

Design a 4th of July-themed scavenger hunt with clues that lead to small prizes. Include tasks that require teens to take creative photos or videos, like finding something red, white, and blue or performing a silly dance in a public space. Use a mix of physical and digital clues to keep it exciting.

Sports and Games:

Set up a variety of outdoor games like cornhole, frisbee, and relay races. Organize a mini-tournament with teams and a prize for the winners. Incorporate water balloon fights or slip-and-slide races to keep everyone cool and entertained.

Social Media Challenges:

Create a list of 4th of July-themed challenges for platforms like TikTok and Instagram. This could include patriotic makeup tutorials, dance routines to popular songs, or creative DIY projects. Encourage teens to collaborate and share their creations with family and friends online.


Find local community service opportunities that resonate with teens, such as helping at a food bank, cleaning up a park, or participating in a charity run. Organize a group effort with friends and family to make it a social and impactful experience. Emphasize the importance of giving back to the community during the holiday celebrations.

Cooking Contest:

Host a cooking or baking contest with a patriotic theme. Provide a variety of ingredients and encourage teens to get creative with their dishes. They can come up with red, white, and blue dishes or even traditional American foods. Have a panel of family members act as judges and award prizes for categories like most creative, best presentation, and tastiest dish.

Visit Historical Sites:

Plan a trip to local historical sites or museums with interactive exhibits and engaging tours. Encourage teens to take photos and share interesting facts they learn. Follow up with a discussion about the significance of Independence Day and what it means to them. They can make a short film or TikTok videos about the places they visited this weekend.

4th of July Parade Participation:

If your local community has a 4th of July parade, encourage teens to participate by decorating bikes, scooters, or even floats. Provide plenty of decorations like streamers, balloons, and red, white, and blue banners. If participation isn’t possible, attend the parade as a family, bringing along chairs and snacks. Encourage teens to take photos and videos to capture and share the festive atmosphere on social media.

Patriotic Photo Scavenger Hunt:

Create a list of 4th of July-themed items and scenes for teens to find and photograph around town or at a park. Include tasks like taking a selfie with a flag, capturing a picture of something red, white, and blue, or snapping a shot of a local landmark decorated for the holiday. Offer small prizes for the most creative photos or the first to complete the list. This activity combines adventure with creativity and can be an excellent way for teens to explore their surroundings.

Virtual 4th of July Party:

For teens who enjoy connecting online, host a virtual 4th of July party with friends and family who might be far away. Plan interactive activities such as a virtual talent show, a trivia quiz with questions about American history, or a cooking session where everyone makes a patriotic dish together. Use video conferencing tools to unite everyone and encourage teens to decorate their backgrounds and dress up in festive attire. This virtual activity allows for fun and connection, even from a distance.

Parting Thoughts:

The Fourth of July is a time to celebrate freedom, unity, and our nation’s rich history. But beyond the fireworks and festivities, it’s an opportunity to create lasting memories with our teens and tweens. By engaging in this specially curated list of 4th of July Fun Activities for Teens and preteens, we can turn this holiday into a meaningful and enjoyable experience for the whole family.

Long weekends like these allow us to unplug, engage in family-oriented activities, and reconnect on a deeper level. They are also a chance to show our teens that they are valued and cherished and to create a supportive environment where they feel heard and understood. These shared experiences can help us better understand their world, challenges, and aspirations.

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