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How Manifestation Journaling Prompts fill up our life with Positivity and Beauty

Manifestation journaling is writing down your desires, intentions, affirmations, and reflections related to manifesting your goals. Manifestation journaling prompts are powerful tools to clarify your desires, focus your thoughts, and strengthen your belief in the manifestation process.

I got introduced to manifestation journaling by my husband late last year when he could see the stress and anxiety that’s getting built up in me.

For people new to the blog who don’t know much about me, I am multi-passionate and like to flip or move from one passion to another. Unfortunately, while doing this, I tend to spread myself thin in my areas of interest. (Ex: my podcasts, Youtube videos, stories, blogs, gardening, etc.)

And sometimes, I feel that I am unsuccessful, as I don’t work on one particular area for long. The moment that thought crosses me, the anxiety wave sets in, and my work gets stalled. That’s when my husband stepped in and introduced me to the manifestation journaling prompts, which gave me that extra energy whenever I was about to fall into that anxiety spiral.

Your imagination is the preview of your life’s coming attractions

Albert Einstein

What is Manifestation Journaling?

Journaling is different from diary writing. As in diary writing, we only tend to touch the surface by discussing the incidents that happened on any particular day or our feelings on that specific day.

But whereas, journaling is more like dumping all your heart and brain onto paper. This dump could be in the assisted form, using the prompts, or in an un-assisted free flow format. This is your cheap and best source of therapy, as it’s always good to talk to someone who doesn’t judge you. And your journal/paper is not going to judge you.

Journaling helps you because, after dumping all your positive and negative feelings and thoughts, you find an easier way to work on your positive thoughts and discard your negativity. Hence journaling increases the production of happiness hormones in you, which will help you lead your life better.

How Manifestation Journaling Prompts help you move ahead in your life - a blog post by Mommyshravmusings

So now, manifestation journaling helps you forge a path to manifest all your dreams. It’s as simple as that. Manifestation journaling uses the theory of the Law of Attraction to bring positive energy that attracts all the things we want in life.

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The law of Attraction is an ancient principle practiced for centuries. According to this principle, your thoughts are the reasons for where you are today. And if your thoughts are more optimistic, you will attract more positivity into your life, as you tend to see positivity around you.

In Manifestation journaling, you write down all your dreams, thoughts, and plans about your future. It’s all about the future things you want to manifest in your life. It can be a simpler brain dump, where you can document your dreams and goals and write your feelings about them.

You can even take the scientific approach of using SMART goals in your manifestation journal and documenting that process. Then, using the scientific method, you can periodically track your progress and evaluate yourself.

Remember that there is no right or wrong way to use the manifestation journaling prompts. You can document whatever comes to your mind. Just let the words come out of your mind without any filters. As every individual is unique and different, so are their manifestations. Hence do this manifestation journaling in your unique way.

When is the right time to do Manifestation Journaling?

Most people keep asking me what is the best journaling tool I can use for manifestation journaling and when is the best time to do the same.

As I mentioned, there is no right or wrong way to do manifestation journaling. Similarly, there is no best or worst tool to do manifestation journaling. You can do it on paper, in a book, or even in a fancy journal. Therefore, the mechanism to document your journaling is not essential. Instead, what is important is the way you are journaling.

How Manifestation Journaling Prompts fill up your life with positivity? - a blog post by Mommyshravmusings

Similarly, some psychology experts advise doing this journaling early in the morning helps to send your manifestations into the cosmos, and then the universe would respond more positively. But whereas, few recommend doing it before going to bed. Because if you journal before going to bed, you will be thinking about those manifestations in your deep sleep, which will help you find ways to fulfill your dreams/goals.

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What I recommend is that you need to do this journaling regularly and consistently. Hence plan for a time of the day when you are not disturbed and your creative energy is at its best. As long as you can do it regularly, it doesn’t matter at what time you do this manifestation journaling.

So, make it a habit and commit to regularly engaging in the practice. Over time, you will likely notice positive shifts in your mindset, beliefs, and manifestations. You will achieve all your dreams and goals.

Now that we discussed so much about manifestation journaling and its process let’s get on to my favorite manifestation journaling prompts.

How Manifestation Journaling Prompts fill up your life with positivity - a blog post by Mommyshravmusings

Manifestation Journaling Prompts:

I have listed my favorite manifestation journaling prompts here to help you streamline your thought process. Even if you are a seasoned journaling person, sometimes your thoughts can get stuck at a particular level, and these prompts would help you. Also, there are no age restrictions for using these prompts. As a parent, you can also start introducing these prompts to your children as well.

  1. Clarifying Desires:
    • What are my top three goals or desires that I want to manifest?
    • How will achieving these desires positively impact my life?
    • What specific actions can I take today to move closer to my goals?
    • What positive action can you take to develop new healthy habits?
    • What steps can I break down my goals into to make them more achievable and actionable?
  2. Visualizing Manifestations:
    • Close your eyes and visualize your ideal day. Describe it in detail.
    • Close your eyes and visualize your ideal lifestyle. Describe in detail your house, car, job, relationship, etc.
    • How does it feel to have already manifested your desires? Write about the emotions and sensations.
    • Create a vision board in your mind. What images, colors, and symbols represent your desired reality?
    • Envision your ideal environment that supports your manifestations. Describe the surroundings and atmosphere.
  3. Affirmations and Beliefs:
    • Write down positive affirmations that support your manifestations. Repeat them daily.
    • What limiting beliefs or self-doubts, do I need to release to align with my desires?
    • What stops you, and what steps can you take to overcome those obstacles?
    • Write a powerful affirmation that counters your specific limiting belief about your manifestations.
    • How can I strongly believe in my ability to manifest my goals?
  4. Gratitude and Abundance:
    • List five things you are grateful for in your current life.
    • How can I cultivate a sense of abundance in all areas of my life?
    • Who are the people you are grateful to in life, as they impacted your life positively or negatively?
    • Express gratitude for the manifestations you have already received.
    • How can you practice generosity and give back to others when you manifest your desires?
  5. Overcoming Obstacles:
    • What obstacles or challenges might I face on my manifestation journey?
    • How can I overcome these obstacles and stay committed to my goals?
    • Write about a time when you overcame a significant challenge. How can you apply that mindset to your current manifestations?
    • Visualize yourself successfully overcoming a specific obstacle related to your manifestations. How does it feel?
    • Write a list of potential solutions or resources you can tap into when faced with obstacles on your journey.
  6. Self-Reflection and Growth:
    • What personal qualities or habits must I develop to support my manifestations?
    • Reflect on your progress so far. What lessons have you learned on your manifestation journey?
    • How can I practice self-care and self-love to strengthen my manifestation abilities?
    • How can you incorporate daily self-reflection practices to deepen your understanding of yourself and your manifestations?
    • Write about a recent personal growth experience and how it has positively influenced your manifestation mindset.
  7. Aligning Energy and Action:
    • How can I align my thoughts, beliefs, and actions with my desired manifestations?
    • Write about the small steps you can take daily to move closer to your goals.
    • How can I create a daily routine that supports my manifestation practice?
    • How can you infuse joy and passion into the actions you take toward your manifestations?
    • Write about a time when your actions directly aligned with your desires and resulted in positive outcomes.
  8. Letting Go and Trusting the Process:
    • What attachments or expectations do I need to release to manifest freely?
    • How can I cultivate trust in the universe and the timing of my manifestations?
    • Write a letter to the universe, surrendering your desires and trusting that they will be manifested in the perfect way.
    • Write a letter to your future self, expressing gratitude for the manifestations you’ve received and the journey you’ve been on.
    • What can you do to surrender control and trust that the universe is guiding you toward the perfect manifestation?

Parting Thoughts

Through consistent manifestation journaling, you’ll develop a deeper understanding of your desires and uncover any limiting beliefs or obstacles that may arise along the way. You’ll cultivate a sense of gratitude and abundance, appreciating your current blessings and manifestations.

Incorporating manifestation journaling into your daily practice can be a transformative tool for manifesting your desires and creating a positive mindset. Also, remember that manifestation journaling is a personal journey; there’s no one-size-fits-all approach.

So, when I started my manifestation journaling, I discovered that I was not failing in all the stuff I was passionate about. I needed a more concrete approach to handling my different passions and not leaving stuff mid-way.

Which was, in fact, an eye-opener for me.

When I followed that approach, the perfectionist in me was happy, and I was also happy.

Hence, I recommend everyone grab their journal and a pen and let the manifestation magic unfold. Start today, and witness the incredible power of manifestation journaling as you create the life you truly desire. I hope you find these manifestation journaling prompts useful. Please do share your thoughts and experiences in the form of comments below.

QOTD: Ask your children what diary writing or journaling means to them. Do they want to start journaling practice?

Suhasini, IP, is the Author of the book “Practical Tips for Kids Mental Health.” As a certified kids and parents life coach, she helps/guides you toward a happy family life for your kids. She firmly believes that “Emotionally Happy Kids of today are the Mentally Strong and Happy Citizens of tomorrow.” Let’s make the world a happy and beautiful place for our kids to thrive.


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