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Books Blog: 10 Books that celebrate the Woman’s Strength

I was just browsing the Amazon book store to pick up my next read and also make the list of the books that I would love to buy in our annual Chennai Bookfair this year. Then suddenly, the books that celebrate the spirit of International Woman’s day have popped up reminding me about the forthcoming International Woman’s Day on March 8th, 2021. Here is the list of the books that celebrate Woman’s strength on the eve of Woman’s Day. These books are not in any particular order, but they did change something in me and the way I look at the world. So, they are there in the favorite corner of my bookshelf.

Anne Frank: The Diary of a Young Girl

Author: Anne Frank

If I say that, this diary of Anne was found in the attic of the house in which Anne has spent her last years of life is the most powerful personal documents found in human history, I am not totally wrong. As it captures the true spirit of human resilience and its indestructible qualities when faced with pure evil forces. There is a lot one can learn about the horrors and the unfortunate incidents that happened during world war II from this book.

Book Source: Amazon

I am Malala

Author: Malala Yousafazai and Christina Lamb

One doesn’t really need an introduction to Malala. She is the youngest Nobel Peace Prize recipient for working on the right for education for girls in the terrorism-infested Swat valley in Pakistan. By reading this book, one can understand the hardships this young teenage girl has faced in her journey towards educating all the girls in that region. This book really celebrates woman’s strength in the face of adversities.

Book Source: Amazon

Being Michelle Obama

Author: Michelle Obama

The reason why I love this book is that it’s really a candid admission by one of the inspirational figures in the recent history of America. Mrs. Obama, never let the power or the position affect her natural personality and at times one can see that she is acting purely based on her role and there is more to her than what is being shown on the TV and press. We can get to see that real side of her and her true warmth and humorous side. That’s why this book occupies my favorite corner on the bookshelf. This book celebrates the woman’s strength and their inner beauty in a beautiful way.

Book Source: Amazon

Lady you’re the Boss

Author: Apurva Purohit

In this book, Apurva mainly talks about the women and their leadership qualities, along with their willingness to let go of some of their priorities in life to achieve what they always dream about. She really stresses the fact that we woman always try to settle for less so that our lives wouldn’t be rocked and we would be in our comfort zones with minimal disturbances.

Book Source: Amazon

Big Magic

Author: Elizabeth Gilbert

In this book, the renowned author Elizabeth shows us how to tackle our fears heads on and also value the stuff we love the most. As usual, Elizabeth gives us a few important tips and rituals to keep our creative side active and burning more. This book has helped me a lot in keeping my creative fires burning. Initially, I got this book as a pleasure read, but now this book has occupied the keep-sake corner of my bookshelf.

Book Source: Amazon

Apart from the above five books listed above, which I have read and reread multiple times, the following have occupied my TO-BUY list this month. The reviews of these books from my fellow bloggers and others have indicated that these are the books that highlight the importance of self-love in every woman. Unfortunately, that’s one thing that takes the back seat in our day-to-day lives. So planning to concentrate on “ME FIRST” at least from now onwards.

Be Unapologetically You

Author: Delia Joseph

This is one of those self-love books which really makes the person question deeply and accept themselves as what they are. Once we become conscious as to what we are and how we act, then we can easily set the boundaries for ourselves and others. That makes our lives a lot better and easier. This is another best book that will truly celebrate the woman’s strength in you.

Book Source: Amazon

Woman who think too much

Author: Susan Nolen Hoeksema

This book is really a must-read for me as I keep thinking too much about every single and simple action of others. My hubby thought that this book will give me some sense and stop making me overthink. He has already ordered this book online. Going by reviews, this book offers practical ways to self-diagnose ourselves and allows us to explore the beauty of emotional freedom.

Book Source: Amazon

You are a Badass

Author: Jen Sincero

This book discusses more the Law of Attractions and helps one identify our own limiting behaviors, which stops us from achieving what we really want. This book is again full of practical tips as per my fellow book bloggers’ reviews and it will be useful if we really want to make some changes in our lives.

Book Source: Amazon

Bossy Pants

Author: Tina Fey

Hilarious autobiography of the author, Tina Fey. As she is known for the quick wit and humor, one can get to read her struggles and all her key life moments in a witty way. But this book would definitely inspire any woman to go beyond her call of duty and what to expect and how to react based on her real-life incidents.

Book Source: Amazon

The next generation of Women Leaders

Author: Selena Rezvani

This book is a collection of interviews by 30 powerful businesswomen, who have reached the top of their business worlds. The most practical and down-to-earth advice given by these powerful women clearly mentions the balance that a woman has to achieve between ambition, personal life, womanhood, and success.

Book Source: Amazon

This is my list of books that celebrate the woman’s strength. I am planning to read them once again, in this month of March to celebrate the spirit of International Women’s Day. How many of the above-listed books have you read? Would love to hear your reviews/comments on the above books. I hope you like this list of mine. Please let me know your list of books that celebrate the Woman’s strength.


  1. Thanks so much for this list. Didn’t know of some of the books here. Will add them to my TBR. Thanks so much for sharing the list.

  2. That’s a quite huge list Suhasini, shall read one by one this year as many are not read by me.

    1. Thank you Meenal. Do let me know your thoughts after reading them

  3. wow…I want to start with Being Michelle Obama. Heard its a wonderful book. Let me add that to my list.

    1. Thank you Alpana. Being Michelle will be little boring to start with, but picks up once Michelle joins the middle school.

  4. That’s such a beautiful list ..I’m listening to Becoming michelle on audible these days. And I should mark woman who think too much for my tbr. Thanks for this post

    1. Thank you Ruchi. Yes, I read Becoming Michelle twice to date. Currently reading Woman who think too much.

  5. Wow great list dear and perfect for occasion. I had heard a lot about Malala and her inspiring journey, would love to read book based on her life. sound most interesting to me.

  6. That was a list to rely on and pick few for myself

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