5 Routines to spend Quality time with Kids during School days

Most of the schools have opened back post the summer holidays to add to the stress of parents, especially the moms. As parents, we are always with our schedules and our deadlines. So when we are neck-deep in completing one task after the other, obviously the time spent with the kids would be taking a toll.

But most of the moms say that they always spend my time with the kids, cooking for them, making them do their homework and various other projects/assignments, driving them and back to the extra classes. So, where is the need for extra quality time and where do we find that extra time? And dads argue that most of their time is spent only in the office as they have to work hard so that they can support their families. As per their argument, its tough survive in the office, considering how competitive the world has become. But kids are the ones who are getting neglected in this whole process. And they still won’t have the way to express their inner needs which is to spend quality time with their parents.

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How to Spend Quality Time with Kids during the School Sessions

More and more studies show that the parents who spend their time with the kids on a one on one basis, have a better connection with their kids and the kids are less prone to the problems during their teenage (which is very crucial for them). This quality time improves the kid’s self-confidence and self-esteem.  So here are my simple tips that will enable all the parents to spend their time with the kids.

Morning Routine:

As soon as the kid wakes up as the natural instinct, the kid would be searching for his mom and that’s the time when as a mom, we have to give our undivided attention to the kid for just 5 minutes with the kid, cuddling them and if they are ready for the morning exercises, involve them for few stretches and squats.  If they are not ready for exercises, listen to the soothing music in the morning just by sitting next to the kid. All this takes just 5 minutes.

Before the School Routine:

While sending the kid to the school, preparing him for the day ahead is of utmost importance, as the kid needs to face the world without you and have to continuously concentrate on learning in the schools. So it’s the time for you to be creative in inventing a fun routine to spend time with the kid. It can be a song or a small dance number which you would like to do with your kid. Or at least a small prayer to keep the day going.

After the School Routine:

While picking up the kid from school, set aside all your work and devote some time completely to the kid. Instead of hurrying them to change the uniform and send them to other activities, please spend those 5 minutes, unwinding along with the kid by doing his favorite activity. This time would definitely set the mood for the entire evening for him.

Bedtime rituals:

Bedtime rituals are a must in each and every family. Instead of letting the kid fall asleep on his own, read him a story or sing a lullaby to him. Have a pillow talk with him, when all the lights are switched off in the room. This is the time when you can really boost his confidence by providing positive suggestions. Even if the corrections are required in the kid’s behavior, do positively tell him. Positive suggestions get implemented faster than negative suggestions and corrections.

Weekend Routine:

The weekend is the time, where you can build a few family traditions into your family. Take the help of kids, plan the weekend nights (it can be a movie night or dinner outside in the garden or camping out in the night, sleepover in other rooms of the house, game nights). Plan stuff, which you also can enjoy. If nothing else works out for you, at least try and learn an activity along with the kids. Kids enjoy playing a teacher role to the parent.


Time flies very fast and it’s on us as parents to steal a few chunks of time from our busy schedule, so that we can have our quality time with the kids. So that the kids could have wonderful memories to recollect in the later stages of their life. These memories are the ones which would drive our kids to have stronger connections with their kids so that life comes full circle back with our grandchildren.




  1. I love this! How easily we forget to take the time when we become busy…thanks for sharing!

    1. Thanks a lot for visiting my blog.

  2. This is a great post! Really great tips – I enjoy my time with my boys before I leave for work and our bedtime routine is super fun at night.

    1. Yup our bed time routine and after school moments are the ones we cherish s lot. Thanks for visiting my blog

  3. I have set a bedtime routine. Reading stories and singing rhymes is something we both love to do. Thanks for the other ideas Suha, we really need to cherish these moments

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