The need of the Hour – Rainwater Harvesting

Water is the lifeline of all the living beings and that is a known fact which no one can deny it. But are we really respecting and giving it the correct priority that water deserves? Are we really harvesting all the rainwater that’s bestowed on us?

When the Well’s dry, we know the WORTH of the WATER      – Benjamin Franklin

Our elders have known this fact that without water, no one can survive and that’s the reason why water has given the status of a God. If you happen to refer to our ancient scriptures or the daily rituals of our ancestors, you can easily understand the significance of water. All the rivers were given human forms and are worshipped once in twelve years (calling it as pushkarams) and early morning we offer water to our deities while saying our prayers (Anjali – taking water in our both hands and dropping it down while praying to the god).

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But we as an entire nation, have developed a very callous attitude towards the water and were wasting/polluting the water without even giving a second thought. So now we are at a junction, wherein we as the entire nation would face an acute shortage of water in the next 5 years.  That is the reason, why even our honorable Prime Minister has addressed this water shortage and the importance of its conservation in his first Mann ki Baat season 2.0, address last weekend.

We are only utilizing only 8% of the rainfall every year with the help of dams that have been constructed by the government. But most of the rainfall falls in the so-called urban jungles, where the rainwater just flows down from our apartment/house terraces into drainage canals as we are not using any of it. If we can harvest this rainwater, our urban cities would never have a shortage of water. Are we into this game for the rainwater harvesting this year at least, before a major drought is going to hit us?

There are very simple to complex Rainwater harvesting systems and based on how your house is located. We can use this rainwater falling on our terraces and recharge our borewells. We can build a big sump to store this water, or we can simply store them into our buckets and barrels.

I am giving a few of the simple tips which we have implemented in our house for the rainwater harvesting. Last week, we had a small rainfall in Chennai city for around 30-45 minutes. With the right apparatus in place, we are able to harvest 350 liters of water for from that rainfall. Don’t you think it’s incredible?

We have an empty area on our headroom on the terrace, which is of 50 SQFT. What we did it, is to capture the water that falls on the top of the headroom alone into a water tank and we use it for watering our plants. This 350 liters of water is sufficient for us to water our organic terrace garden for three/four days post the rains. The overall total cost for this setup is around 5000 rupees. But with this setup, we are able to save 1000 liters during the monsoon.

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The need of the Hour – Rainwater Harvesting

This man from Chennai has also saved water just like us with an expense that’s far below us. He has saved 225 liters within 10 minutes of rain for an expense of just 250 rupees. Isn’t it wonderful?


So when are you taking up the rainwater harvesting exercise in your apartments, houses? A Lot of people, have proved time and again that we really don’t need huge investments nor the support of the government to become sustainable. We as individuals have to decide and start the movement and then things would start happening. That is what even our dear Prime Minister has stated.

Another example of this theory is Mr. Solar Suresh who has a completely independent house in Chennai, wherein he doesn’t even depend on the government agencies for power, water, nor drainage. Please click here to read my earlier blog about him.

I just hope that this small article of mine would give you enough encouragement to save some water using simpler rainwater harvesting techniques at your home if not on the bigger scale. Please let me know how you are planning to implement the rainwater harvesting in your house in the comments below.




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