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While rearranging my library in the morning, my eyes fell upon a book, which was covered with a two-year-old newspaper.  The heading of that article reminded me of the famous quote “One reason why cats are happier than people is that they have no newspapers” by Gwendolyn Brooks

The story in the newspaper goes like this – There is this software professional, who is very much disappointed in his height.  At that time, he saw a few advertisements all over the place about a doctor who can perform height increasing operation. Without, even verifying the authenticity of those ads or of the doctor, he went and enrolled himself for that operation.

Post the operation, this man was not able to stand also, leave alone walking. Obviously, a big blame game started happening and the article I read on the book cover is all about these blame games. 

In this entire episode, if at all somebody has gained, then it’s only the media. They have made money initially itself by providing the advertisements to that quack doctor, without verifying the authenticity of the service. This way they lured the patients to him. After the operation failed too, they made money by focussing on the blame games and bringing this incident to the attention of everybody.

This really shows the irresponsibility of our media. This has been proven time and again during various incidents across the nation. Some times, they went to the extent of compromising on national security.  

These days, most of the media and newspapers have become toys in the manipulators with money. The white journalism has given way, to the yellow journalism and every media house has reduced to mere tabloids.  There were days when the entire nation used to get inspired by the articles published in the newspapers. Newspapers used to nurture people’s ambitions by providing the right direction too. Nowadays also the nurturing is happening but for the pervert minds and for all the negativity. 

Honestly, I think now animals are better off and happier than us. As there is no yellow journalism that they are exposed to. Hope reading this article, the media houses wouldn’t see the untapped market for their ventures and end up spoiling the serenity in the animals.


Author’s Note:


I am writing for Day 4 of the “Write Tribe Festival of Words March 2019” – 7 days of writing Bravely. I used the word (Nurture) and quote prompts into this article. You can read excellent articles for today’s prompt here.




  1. Media definitely is a headache these days. The maturity is missing in every reporting every medium. Its more of money minting business rather news reporting.
    Good one.

    1. Yes, it happened in 2016 and at that time, all the channels were all over this piece. No point in reading the papers these days. Gone are the days, when we used to not only improve our language but understand the current affairs too. Now we will be better off not knowing the current affairs

  2. Not sure why people go to such lengths! One would have thought that education would have made them think better! Agree about the newspapers! Might sound a bit harsh, but I’d say they are best used as bin liners these days!

    1. We can discuss at length about what is actually being imparted by today’s education. But that’s another topic. Agree 100% with your views about Newspapers.

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