How to keep Sporty kids at home?

Kids are always active and energetic. So keeping them locked in the indoors would be the toughest task the parents are facing during this COVID-19 endemic across the world. While sitting at house, these high tech kids would always end up getting more and more addicted to gadgets. But we as parents know the ill effects of watching too much TV or any other gadget for that matter. So what should be our other option in that case? Involve kids in the creative work, academic work or the household chores. But there would another set of kids who are into neck deep sports and might even be taking the professional sports trainings. These sporty kids would never be interested in any other activity, other than sports. So to keep them fit and happy is an uphill task for the parents.

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Being a sporty kids parent myself, I know how tough it would be to engage my kid with sporting activities during this quarantine time. But if I let him spend too much time in front of the gadgets also, his fitness routine would go for a toss. So the following is the routine I had adopted to keep my Sporty kids fit and energetic.

  1. Staircase Walk/Running: Every apartment complex would have staircase, so we use that to train our leg/calf muscles. We use timers to time our ascent and descent and we try to reduce the time on a daily basis. We do this activity for atleast 10 minutes a day.
  2. Skip rope: Skip rope is the easiest tool that you can have at home and skipping is also one of those good warm up exercises which all the sports coaches recommend irrespective of the sport your kid is playing. My kid does skipping while watching Television.
  3. Pushup’s : We can use the curtain rods or any other beam placed at a height in the house for the kid to complete his pushups on the high bar, provided they are able to bear the weight of the kids. Parents need to be little cautious on this exercise as the normal curtain rod might fall down if not inserted properly into the wall.
  4. Dancing: You can also dance along with your kid for the latest filmy songs. Dancing is a good exercise for the whole body and is a good way to bond with your kid.
  5. Football kicking: Ball kicking to the corner of the room or onto the circle drawn on the wall, will improve his kicking skills along with the target kicking skills.
  6. Wall tapping: The kid can start tapping the shuttle to the wall or even hit his ball to the wall using his bat/racquet and my kid can spend a minimum of 30 minutes on this activity without getting tired.
  7. Ring/ball toss using paper cups: Throwing a ball into the paper cups or tossing a ring on to the paper cups, would improve the his aim and shoot skills which are needed in his bowling practise.
  8. Hanging ball: If we have the backyard, or space near your main door, we can hang the hanging ball in the centre and the kid could practise his batting skills on that.
  9. Yoga: Yoga is another good bonding activity that you can do with any kids as it has tremendous benefits. Also most of the coaches do recommend yoga as the cooling down exercises post their workout sessions.
  10. Old Sports videos: Now with so many internet based channels, we do get to see the videos of old matches. Show them to the kids ofcourse for a limited time, so that they can start picking up the technicalities of the game and various styles in the game. This would add to their knowledge.
Sporty Kids, Sports Kids, Quarantine, Kids Activities, home stay, housearrest, sports training at home, sports activities at home, mommyshravmusings, Mommy Blogger, Chennai Blogger

Having sporty kids is a blessing indeed, as the physical fitness comes naturally to them, with out doing it as a seperate activity. While doing the activity they love the most, our kids are becoming healthier, without craving for too much junk food means what else do parents like us ask for? Please share your experiences as well as how you are entertaining your kids during this quarantine period.

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