Dear Son,


As you would be soon completing 6 years and turning 7, I wanted to write this letter to you, since you would be the next man in the house post your daddy.


Till date, you have both boys and girls as friends and you kids luckily didn’t shun away playing with each other. You and your friends liked playing with the kitchen set along with football. Being together was what you all wanted and the games didn’t matter for you.


But in the coming years, there would be few changes as some girls prefer sitting at home and playing whereas some girls prefer the rough play in the ground. I want you not to tease both the sets of girls. Please understand that girls also will have their own preferences and you need to respect their preferences and not to tease them regarding the same.


Also at the home, you have to start helping me with the chores just as your dad does. The chores are not divided based on your a boy or girl. All the chores are for our house only and need to be equally divided.


You might start hearing it from your other friends that chores are meant for the girls only and we need to only play outside. But please remember our weekend mornings. How your dad prepares the breakfast for you and me so that I can have that little extra time in the bed. Don’t you agree that your dad has got a point there? Both of us distribute our chores equally, isn’t it?


So whenever your friends tell you that girls are not capable of something, you have to show them the examples around you and make them understand. The change always begins with one person and let that person be you, just like how your dad was in his generation. You don’t have to wear that unnecessary mask of hardness on your face. If you feel like crying, you can very well cry. Even if people say something, you have to ignore it. As that’s the old mindset which is getting changed slowly. It will take some more time for all of us to accept it.


Always, remember this fact “An Elephant while walking on the roads, wouldn’t mind about the barking of the dogs nearby, as it knows it’s doing the right thing”. Similar way, as long as you treat boys and girls equal and respect the girls all the time, you don’t have to worry.


There is this definition of feminism, which you might not understand now, but anyways can remember is:


  “A feminist is anyone who recognizes the equality and full humanity of women and men.” by Gloria Steinem


Author’s note:


I am writing for Day 5 of the “Write Tribe Festival of Words March 2019” – 7 days of writing Bravely. I used the quote prompt into this article. You can read excellent articles for today’s prompt here.


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