Lessons from the Man inside the Woman's Life to her on the occassion of Women's day blog post by Mommyshravmusings

From the Man inside the Woman on the Women’s Day!!

Women’s day has come and gone already. So obviously, the Women’s day sales pitch is also decreasing, so is the number of articles/wishes appearing on Social Media. These days, the Women’s day celebrations have turned into more of a marketing gimmick rather than teaching and practicing why this movement has started.

  “A feminist is anyone who recognizes the equality and full humanity of women and men.”    by Gloria Steinem

Our Indian mythology has in fact stated this fact a long time back itself, with the various forms of the gods. Ardhanariswara rupam is one such proof of the above fact, where the man and the woman stay together in one single form. All the main deities have their wives next to them in all the temples and stories. This shows the fact that there were times where both men and women were treated equally in the ancient Indian scriptures. In fact, at times, they have projected women having more intellectual power when compared to their counterparts. That’s why the ancient Indians always thought that there is a man inside every woman and he is the main reason for a women’s success in her life.

Ardha nariswara rupam picture to depict the equality of Men and Women in a post on #IWD2019 by mommyshravmusings
ArdhaNariswara Rupam in Scriptures.

So with all my due respects to the initial feminist leaders, who have started the Women’s right for Equality movement and also with great reverence to our Indian scriptures,  I take this opportunity to share the lessons I learned from the Men in my Life to date on the occasion of the #Women’s Day 2019.  These are the traits/lessons that every man inside the woman’s life would want her to know. This year’s #International Women’s Day theme how to #Balance Better has been addressed down below:

  1. Gender Equality: All genders are equal in god’s creation and it’s only human beings who have created the gender divide in between. This fact needs to be practiced rather than preaching and fighting. People understand better from practice. So allow and teach your son/daughter/husband/father to share your workload irrespective of what others say. Teach your kids to respect the other gender and treat them equally.
  2. Feminity is to be cherished: Feminity is not being averse to men or male domination. Feminity is the inherent quality of the woman and it’s her sensitiveness and grace. These gifts are given by the god to the woman only, as she needs to nurture and care for her children. So there is no need for hiding them. You have every right to wear them on your sleeve and exhibit them.
  3. Health First: The lady of the house can be termed as the Engine of the family. As the engine of an automobile is always kept well-tuned and oiled for smooth functioning. The health (both physical and mental) of the lady of the house needs to be maintained with utmost care. Take some #Me time and develop an exercise routine that suits you and your body better.
  4. Balance Better: Balancing is an innate ability of the woman, as she alone can do multitasking and balance both house, kids, and even work in an efficient way. But having said that, a single individual can’t do every job on her own. So developing your own support system to help you achieve this balancing act should be your first priority.
  5.  Avoid the superwoman syndrome: For your own benefit avoid the superwoman syndrome. As you can’t manage everything all the time. Prioritize work and handle only those that are of absolute necessity rather than trying to handle multiple things at the same time.
  6. Don’t carry negative thoughts: Women are known to have elephant memories.  Having said that, it doesn’t necessitate to carry over the negative feelings and grudges along with us. Forgiving and moving on brings sanity not only to our minds but brings happiness to our lives and to the people surrounding us.  Be strong in moving forward with life.
  7. Learn/Practise your hobbies: Create a hobby for yourself, which would give you time to rejuvenate yourself.  It can be as simple as a reading book or meditation. But make your life useful and busy, so that the empty nest syndrome won’t bother you down the line. As long as you feel that your time is being well spent, nothing would send you into the clutches of depression.
  8. Empathy towards all Womenfolk:  Woman is just not you, even the maid working for you is also a Woman, and when we understand that she is also fighting her own battles daily to step out of the house and earn money so that she can support her family. Just lending a leaning shoulder or a hearing ear is sufficient for her most of the time.
A Letter from the Man inside the Woman on the occassion of  International Women's day. A blog post by Mommyshravmusings

Though a lot of articles on social media would have given this kind of tip to you all, I just wanted to retell these from a personal perspective as all the above are being practiced very diligently at my home. These are the lessons that every man inside the woman would want that woman to learn and practice.

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Lastly, as long as we believe in ourselves, we can’t achieve anything in life.  So start believing yourself first and bring out the strong woman residing inside you, to turn your life into a beautiful adventure. Live like a new adventure every day. “Happy Women’s Day to you all”!!!

This post is a part of the #IamWisdomWoman Blog chain hosted by 9 women bloggers who will share their wisdom of womanhood as part of International Women’s Day celebrations. 


  1. Loved your take on Women’s Day, Suhasini. Feminism is treating women as equal to men. Your mythology reference has a point!

    1. Thanks a lot for the kind words Aditi. It means a lot to me, as I am writing this type of articles for the first time

  2. Loved your take on Womens day and thank you for this post… In this maddening rysh of womens day sale and discount a lot of people have forgotten the very premise of the movement

    1. Very true Esha. Thanks for your kind words

  3. Thought provoking post and valuable pointers for self improvement. Men and women are not competitors, they complement each then why let negative thoughts mar our relationships! Thanks!

    1. Very well said Seema. We both genders are not complete with out the other gender. But still we go get trapped in these consumerism driven movements and loose ourselves.

  4. In the due course of life that is devoted to loving and caring for our family, we woman tend to forget ourselves. However, we should not neglect self but take self on priority. It easier than we think it is. And the moment we will do that, everyday will be our day, Women’s day.

    1. Well said Anagha. We need to take care of ourselves first

  5. Its a wonderfu l post!! lovedd it

  6. Beautiful and strong post… just like every woman out there 🙂 I loved the points you have enlisted here.
    I loved your mythology reference. Even history has proofs that women were treated equally in the Vedic era before the social evils crept in.
    There are many thoughts of yours which I agree with. As pointed out we do have elephant memories… and I consider myself having that… Letting go of things or memories is difficult for me especially ones which hurt me but as you said it is essential for us to do so for moving ahead.
    Accepting us being not a superwoman is another of your point I loved. It is so true… we women tend to take everything upon ourselves. It is such a wrong thing. We end up broken and bruised with shattered confidence when we are not able to do all the things which we brought upon ourselves. We have to understand that this is us… just being human.
    Wonderfully penned

    1. Well said Preeti…Thanks for such lovely comments.

  7. Yes, Indian mythology already states Naari as Power and equal to her man. Loved your thoughts over it.

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