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Bravery stems from – True Love or Self?

I am writing for the “Write Tribe Festival of Words March 2019” – 7 days of writing Bravely on the Quote Prompt. You can read excellent articles this week from here.

It’s a bright sunny day, but the cool mountain breeze makes the day pleasant. The smell of the mountain flowers is invigorating one’s soul.  But not in the case of Mr. A.  He was so lost in thoughts that it took him a while to untangle all the threads dangling around him.  By the time he became free of the parachute using which he jumped from the falling plane, he was surrounded by the peasants working in the fields nearby.

He initially thought that they would fetch him some water and guide him to the nearest hospital so that he can get over all the body pains. But alas no, that was such a naïve thought. The mob started beating him black and blue and never gave him a chance to even utter a word. He started thinking where he went wrong, and how he landed into this messy situation.

In the meantime, help came from the sources which he least expected. The army people came and rescued him from the mob.  He thought that now his situation has moved from pan to fire. He was not sure how he can get out now, and go back to his home.

As expected, the army people took him to a solitary place and started torturing him with various questions.  He first thought that it’s easier to yield and give away all the answers to the questions which they were asking rather than taking the beatings and the emotional stress the army was causing him. He was kept with his bloodied nose and without even a sip of water for hours together. He was made to sit under a blaring light that’s focussed on his eyes. His hands have been tied at the back, and he was made to sit on a rickety old chair, which was not at all comfortable. He was not able to keep his eyes straight. He needed some rest and a glass of water badly. Who is there to give him that in this foreign land?

He would have dozed off for some time in that uncomfortable position itself. By the time he woke up, his face and his entire demeanor got changed. One can really feel that a “Tiger is pouncing from his face at the opponents”.  His answers became more and more stoic in nature and he was replying them directly without any hesitation by looking them directly into his captor’s eyes.

The moment his attitude got changed, there was a change in the treatment he was receiving too. His hands were untied, first aid was given and a cup of hot tea has been served to him too.  As his captors would have realized that they can’t break his soul now, even after keeping him as their prisoner for a longer time.  After some time, with the goodwill of gods, he was returned back to his homeland and to his immediate family.

At a later date, when Mr. A was asked about his experience in the enemy’s territory and what made him come out victorious, his answer was like this.

He actually recollects a dream or we can call it a strange hallucination in which he had met a lady wearing tri-color dress and in the background, he could see the vast stretches of land with happy people going about their day to day activities with a contented look on their faces about their safety.  This lady had such a loving face with a peaceful look and all his colleagues were surrounding her. Seeing the love in her face, he felt that his inner bravery had come to the forefront. As they say “Love makes your soul (the reality of Mr. A’s soul is nothing but bravery) crawl out of its hiding places”


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