Do you think Death is the full stop to your life?

Most of us who believe in Indian scriptures still believe that Death is just the migration of our soul from one state to the higher state and the physical remains of the body would disintegrate. And this has been proven by recent advances in the research.  For those, who don’t believe this also agree to the fact that post the death, the physical remains of the person would disintegrate.

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But with the recent scientific advancements, the physical remains of the body need not disintegrate into nature, but can still continue giving life to more people. The medical research proved that all the organs won’t fail at the time of death simultaneously, but would fail after the death of the person. So in case, if the team of qualified doctors can harvest the working organs from our body then they can fix them to the other people who are in dire need of them. In layman terms, it’s more like replacing the spare parts in the various appliances we use in our day to day life. So now you understand that the Death need not be the full stop for the physical body but it can be just a comma, right?

Not sure still, how this #Organ Donation can be achieved isn’t it? #Organ Donation is completely a voluntary process and we can register at the nearest hospitals or fill up the online forms with the NGO’s who handle the #Organ Donation process in India. After the registration, we would get the Organ Donation card, which we need to carry with us all the time. After the death of the individual who has decided to donate, the final consent to harvest the organs has to be given by the immediate family members.

Supposed if the individual becomes brain dead due to some unforeseen situation, then, in that case, the immediate family members can step in take a call to donate the organs, even if the person has not volunteered upfront for #Organ Donation.

Which Organs can be Donated and how?

Depending on the type of Organ transplants, a single person can donate their, eyes (corneas),  tissues, bone marrow, liver, heart, lungs, kidneys, and pancreas.  Certain parts like the heart, lungs, liver could be donated only by the deceased persons. That too only in the brain dead cases. At the same time, the living people will have limitations in donating their pancreas and kidneys as the donating individuals also need these organs for their regular functioning. But we still can donate our tissues like bone marrow, tendons etc just like how we donate our blood and it won’t impact our day to day life.

Whom to Contact for #Organ Donation

As stated earlier, one can either register at the nearest hospitals or can contact the various NGO’s working in the #Organ Donation field. Some of them have been listed here for your convenience.

1. Mohan Foundation:

2. Gift Your organ:

3. Gift a Life:


I want to end this article, with the pledge that all of us have to take to pass on our life to at least another person and please don’t let our physical body disintegrate. In Spain, 36 people donate their organs per million, whereas, in India, only 0.36 people donate their organs per million. Don’t you think that this statistic in itself is alarming considering our size of the population, we need more than that fill the huge gap in this field of #Organ Donation.

The suffering and pain of the patients and their supporting family is just unbearable, as some of their organs are not supporting them. Let’s make their pain little bearable by donating our organs.

I am going to sign up with the above-mentioned organizations today itself, what about you folks?

This post is written as part of the Noble Cause – Encouraging & Educating People for Organ Donation

Thanks for my fellow blogger, Ila Varma for giving me this opportunity to talk about #Organ Donation.




  1. Thank You for your informative article. Love your initiative.

    1. Thanks for your encouragement

  2. Nice post with relevant informations. Life may or may not end with death. But departed has no use for the old body. It is discarded clothing. As lord Krishna said in Gita, body is like a used clothing, that one who resides in the body uses. Once the resident has left, let someone else use whatever is remaining and good.

    1. Thank you for your kind words

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