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I got a dream in the early morning of May 8th (#Mother’s day) which set me into pensive mood. The person who came in my dream was a beautiful woman clad in a saree, but with a very sad face and teary eyes. No don’t get me wrong, it was not my own MOM or my MIL, but it was none other than Mother EARTH. The questions which she asked me are the ones which put me into a thoughtful mood just not that whole day, but the entire week.

I felt very sad seeing her tears and asked her why she was upset and what was the reason…the answers which she gave me baffled me in fact. She mentioned that the way we tend to neglect and ignore our own Mommy’s till this marketing hyped day of the #Mother’s day, we are ignoring our own Mother EARTH. She told me that till date, though we have been the naughtiest children of all her kids, she never tried judging us or branded us, except giving us the gentle warnings with the raise in the temperature or the droughts and floods. But we as the typical kids are par above all those gentle reminders and need severe time outs or punishments as we are not at all listening to her heart beat or understanding her feelings. We as the human beings are the most destructive kids among all her children and we also can’t even tolerate her other kids. I was totally speechless and couldn’t answer her back.

If we take a step back and review ourselves, are we not guilty actually of the crimes Mother EARTH was referring to? We are the ones who ignored her, spoiled her health, beauty and what not. As a Mother, I tend to agree with her 100% and has a taken a vow to teach my kid to respect all the Mothers on this #Mother’s day, irrespective of whether that Mother is his physical Mother or not, so that #EveryDayIsMother’sDay for everybody just not for the Mothers. So I am planning to teach my kid the following 5 steps so that, even the Mother EARTH would be happy with this 4 year old kid just not his proud Mamma.

1) Teach him that the dustbins are there for throwing the waste

2) Teach him the waste segregation at home

3) Teach him the ways to reduce his carbon foot print by adopting the earlier healthy lifestyle

4) Teach him how to nurture and appreciate the nature, by making him a tiny gardener at home

5) Teach him to use the resources like water and energy wisely and effectively.

Hopefully his peers would see the changes in him and start implementing the same at their home in future. Even a small tiny water drop from the sky would help in building the bigger water ponds and seas. So this is my vow on the #Mother’s day, to make #EverydayIsMother’sDay for all the Mothers in the world both literally and figuratively.

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