Lessons ICC World Cup

Top 7 lessons from ICC Worldcup 2019 for my kid

As the ICC Worldcup Cricket fever has gripped out the entire nation, even my 6-year-old kid wasn’t spared from this fever. I was kind of amused to see him talk and breathe only cricket from last 15 days. Anyone who visits my house these days is forced to have to serious cricket talk with him and no kid talk is allowed.  Even the people who don’t have interest in Cricket are not spared from my kid’s lessons on the ICC world cup,  various teams playing in it and how each team is unique in their styles.

All he started talking these days are the yorkers and clean sweeps. He breathes, eats and dreams only about Cricket nowadays. He is still not clear as to what would he like to become, a batsman, or a bowler. Even Umpiring and commentary seems to interest him these days.

Lessons ICC World Cup
ICC World Cup Cricket 2019

I am very happy to say that, Cricket has taught him a few of the tricks and he is able to spend hours together playing as the bowler or the fielder. This independent play is something I could only dream off but never was able to achieve it till date. All I could do these days is to just hope and pray, that he doesn’t hurt himself while imitating the fielders from the matches. Already he hurt his upper lip while doing a flip to catch an imaginary sixer from Rohit. The lip got swollen and he couldn’t eat properly for two days. But believe me, it didn’t dampen his spirits. Instead, now he uses his gymnastics mat as the field so that he wouldn’t get hurt.

The Top 7 lessons my kid learned from ICC Worldcup are as follows, which are in fact the skills for the life:

  • Patriotism:

This time in all the World Cup matches, the national anthems of both the competing nations were played after the toss. Being a curious boy, my kid started identifying not only those nations geographical locations in the world map, but he started identifying their national anthems as well. This has helped him in appreciating our national anthem more. Respecting our national anthem is the first step towards the patriotism. These matches not only made my kid a patriot, but they have given him a chance to appreciate the uniqueness of each and every nation.

  • Sportsman spirit: 

Earlier, before the start of the ICC World Cup, like any other typical single kid, my kid always wanted to win and used to cry if he gets lost. But seeing the teams appreciate their opponents for a well-played sixer or a good catch made him understand that the true sportsman would appreciate the other players too. The player’s behavior in these matches has changed his thinking and he started appreciating the opponents as well. No wonder, Cricket is called the “Gentleman’s Game” in earlier days.

  • Team spirit:

Working in teams and appreciating the other team members was seen at its best in this ICC World Cup 2019 series. People waiting for the other batsman to complete his half a century or willingly giving the chance to hit the last shot of the game to the other person was seen very clearly in this game. Even a small kid of mine could understand this and started asking me questions. So the “Me First” syndrome has been completely erased from my kid’s brain by watching this series.

  • Leadership skills:

Captains of all the teams across the board have shown excellent leadership skills in this series. Noteworthy here is the Virat’s communications with his team when India is bowling and the way the fielders and bowlers were delivering as per his guidance. The way, Kohli was stepping out of the limelight, to give his team member’s that place is very commendable and it really gave me a chance to explain about the leadership qualities to my kid.

  • Importance of Rigorous Practise:

The way, cricketers were moving across the field very fluidly and taking the flips and falling on to the ground for catches, shows their body fitness. This, in fact, stresses the importance of the regular practice as otherwise, the cricketers wouldn’t be in form. Even in one of the interviews, I think an Afghanistan player mentioned that they should have practiced more to avoid that day’s trouble in one of the matches they played. That got imprinted into my kid’s mind. Even Bumrah mentioned how hard he practices regularly in one of his interviews. Bumrah being my kid’s all-time favorite, he started taking his words very religiously and now I can see him practice hard.

  • Working under pressure:

The death overs are the perfect examples of how each and every individual behaves when they have to work under pressure. As usual, there are few people who bow down to this pressure, and there are a few examples who wouldn’t loose their cool even when the pressure is standing in front of them. They play really so well amidst the audience shouts and the pressure of winning the match. Playing with concentration is one thing that even a small kid could observe as an important trait that’s needed for a true sports person.

  • Adherence to Diet:

Fortunately, this time around the cricketers when giving interviews was talking about how strict they are about their diet and how important a healthy diet is for their overall performance. Years of my hard work to convince my kid to eat healthy food has been made easy due to this series.

I couldn’t believe myself, that a series of Cricket matches can play a vital role in the development of my kid and teach him the important lessons of life, which as a parent, was trying to teach for so long. I guess this incident reiterates the importance of sports during the student’s life. No wonder they say

A Healthy body leads to Healthy Mind and playing Sports leads to Healthy Body 

Lessons from ICC World Cup
Lessons from ICC World Cup 2019 for my Kid


  1. That’s a great post with so much which we learn from cricket but tend to forget. I’m glad your kiddos cricket love made you share a nice post.

    1. Thanks a lot for the encouragement

  2. I can imagine the euphoria in your house courtesy your son and the World Cup. 6 is a cute stage for a child and his parents. I loved it that the swollen lips did not prove to be a dampener for your son’s spirit. 🙂
    If you ask me my favourite learning from the list of 7, it has to be healthy eating and the diet part. This is one concern which never leaves to bother a mother.

    1. Yes, very true. I am very happy after my son started taking more interest in Cricket and that too after watching Bumrah and Virat’s interviews, he is keen on eating healthy food. People who visit my house would think Bumrah is my relative as we talk so much about him during every meal time. Amazing to see the impact of these sporting heros on such a small kid.

  3. This might be the most sensible and useful post I have seen during the entire ICC madness 🙂

    1. Thanks a lot Damayanti for your kind words

    2. Thanks a lot Damayanti for your kind words

  4. My dad was a cricketer and cricket wasn’t just a game it was part of my upbringing. He taught me a lot about life through it. I am planning a series of posts on that. Glad that your son has learned so much from the series.

    1. That’s such wonderful news indeed. We just need eyes to look and we can learn lessons from everywhere and your father just proved it. I would love to read your series on cricket.

  5. I’m so glad that you kid learned so much from cricket rather than treating it as just a game. Thanks for writing. #ReadByPRB

    1. Thank you Prem. Yes, my kid is into sports all the time and he wants to learn everything possible.

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