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Book Review: The Patriot’s Legacy – Forbidden Treasure

If you are someone, who likes to read and get yourself immersed in historical fiction peppered with puzzles and adventures, then this book is for you. “The Patriot’s Legacy: Forbidden Treasure” will give you an adrenaline rush with quick and dashing chases and world tour while unraveling a hidden treasure.

Book Title: The Patriot’s Legacy: Forbidden Treasure

Author: Apurva Bhuta

Publisher: The Write Place

Pages: 310

Genre: Historical Fiction/Thriller

Available at: Paperback/ Kindle

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This book “Forbidden Treasure” is the first part of the Patriot’s Legacy and it explores the journey of seven youngsters across the world while unraveling the clues that guard a secret treasure hidden from the world several centuries ago. Their ancestors have hidden this treasure a long time back and these seven protagonists get pulled onto this secret mission when they receive a letter and money to cover their travel expenses to a central location in Europe.

From here, this book reminds you sometimes of Davinci code, as there are two opposing groups fighting for the same. This rivalry runs across the generations. I can very well say that this book is more of a teen version of Davinci code, as the protagonists are young kids and its amusing to read their emotional travel and their past baggage as well.

Mr. Apurva craftily weaves this tale which starts very slowly in the beginning into a fast-paced storyline with lots of twists and turns, unforgettable chases, thrilling moments and which makes the reader move on to the edge of the couch.

When it comes to the writing part, it’s well written and a good paced novel, which is unputdownable after a while. The clues are well placed and needs high-tech gadgets and also the smart brains to decipher them. No wonder this book reminds me of the Davini Code again and again and makes me wait for its sequel. For me, this book is an amazing adventure book, which can be read by all ages (starting from young adults).

My Rating: 4.5/5.0

Author’s Note: This book review is Sponsored, but contains my honest review without any compromise on my part. Thank you @ApurvaBhuta for trusting me for an honest review in exchange for the copy of the book.


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