How to introduce new foods to Picky Eaters? - a podcast show by mommyshravmusings

How to handle Picky Eaters and introduce new foods to him?

This is the tenth episode of the ASK A FRIEND series. This episode discusses the picky eating habits of kids and the underlying causes for it. Once we understand the root cause, we can definitely address the picky eaters in our family by introducing new and varied foods to them.

How to introduce new and varied foods to Picky Eaters - a podcast show by mommyshravmusings

Just because they came forward to try new food doesn’t mean they are ready for whole portions

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Transcript for the Episode “How to introduce new foods to Picky Eaters?”

Hello Friends, welcome back to the ASK A FRIEND SERIES in the Simplified Parenting and Emotionally Healthy Child Podcast show. I am your host Suhasini from Mommyshravmusings.

Kids and their eating habits. We see a lot of picky eaters in toddlers. And some of them start eating all the different foods by the time they enter elementary age. But others still retain their preferences, like their childhood days. That means they are not getting the proper nutrition that their body needs. Hence their growth would also get stunted, and their immunity would also be compromised. And parents keep worrying about this situation. Isn’t it? 

So today, let’s talk about the elder kids who still are picky eaters and how we can introduce new foods. Before discussing how to introduce the fresh foods to them, let’s first understand the root cause. Then it would be easier for us to tackle the problem.

  1. Previous negative experiences: If children have any negative experiences while trying out new foods, they tend to keep those negative experiences closer to their hearts and start developing an aversion to those foods.
  2. Limited exposure: If they have not been exposed to a wide range of flavors, textures, and food groups, they may be more resistant to trying new foods.
  3. Control and autonomy: Picky eating can sometimes be a way for children to exert control over their environment, especially when they feel limited control in other areas of their lives. Food choices can become an avenue for expressing independence and asserting their preferences.
  4. Sensory sensitivities: Children may have heightened sensitivity to specific tastes, textures, smells, or appearances of foods. They may find certain flavors overwhelming or dislike foods with certain textures. This can make them hesitant to try new foods or limit their food choices.
  5. Or they are Modeling the behavior of adults, peers, or siblings. They want to imitate the behavior of their role models.

So now, if we want our kids to try out all the different foods, then we need to start small and be patient. Things will not happen overnight.

First, we need to set a positive example of trying out new foods and appreciating those new items verbally, describing the taste, texture, feelings, etc. Then our young and eager kids jump to try out those new foods.

Just because they came forward to try new food doesn’t mean they are ready for whole portions. Give them bite-sized or pinch-sized portions, and let them try it. Repeat the same process several times, and then they get habituated to these new foods. Food experts say that it takes around 8-10 tasting sessions for a person to develop a liking for any particular food item.

Pair the new food items with their favorite ones, like offering a new food item along with their favorite one. Ask them to taste the new food first and then return to their favorite ones.

Make it fun and appealing to their senses. Serve it in fun shapes and sizes in colorful patterns and textures.

Don’t bribe or pressure them to try it out. Lastly, persistence is the key, and we must be patient enough to try and introduce new food items regularly into their menus.

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