When Child behaves in an Entitled Manner - a podcast show by mommyshravmusings

What to do when your Child behaves in an Entitled Manner?

Welcome to the brand new episode of the ASK A FRIEND series. This episode discusses entitlement behavior in kids, why they behave that way, and how to handle when your child behaves in an entitled way.

Entitlement Behavior in Kids - a Podcast Episode by mommyshravmusings

The Child was saying don’t eat this starter, I am going to come for seconds; keep it for me.

Simplified Parenting and Emotionally Healthy Child Podcast Show

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Transcript for the Episode “ME First Syndrome in Kids”

This episode talks about handling when your child behaves in an entitled manner.

Hello Friends, welcome back to the ASK A FRIEND SERIES in the Simplified Parenting and Emotionally Healthy Child Podcast show. I am your host Suhasini from Mommyshravmusings.

The other day I visited my family and friends after a long time. We had a lovely time and fun conversations. During lunchtime, I encountered a little funny incident. All of us thought of having lunch together in a buffet manner. Everyone started having food together. Then one kid from another friend’s family liked the starter and told everyone, don’t eat it; I will come for seconds; keep it for me.

He is not a toddler but a teenager, and still, he wants to have everything for herself. This is just an example, and this is how most children behave. No wonder this generation of kids is called the Entitled generation.

Now what is Entitlement? It refers to the belief that one is inherently deserving of privileges and special treatment without putting in the necessary effort or, in simple words, the inherent idea the kids carry with them – thinking that their demands had to be met first, and all the other family members are there only to fulfill their needs.

Though it’s a behavioral problem in kids, the root cause for this issue lies within parents. There are two main problems from the parent’s side for these issues.

We are overindulging our kids, as we didn’t have so many luxuries while growing up, so we work doubly hard to ensure that our children will have those luxuries without any hard work or effort from their side.

We are not able to impose strict boundaries on our children. Just because the child asked, we will give in to their unreasonable demands without understanding whether they require them. 

So now, you might ask how we can correct this in children. We must teach the importance of hard work and financial responsibility. Any gifts or perks will have to be earned and not given. Along with that, we need to also impose boundaries after having a detailed discussion with our children.

Recently, I came across a video on Instagram about Japanese culture. A small child will be helping their mom in the kitchen while cutting the fruit. The boy awaits eagerly as the mom cuts the fruit. He distributes the fruit pieces to everyone in the family before he eats. That video bought back the memories of my childhood, which most people who grew up in the 80s and 90s will relate to. Our parents always advised us to offer others food first before eating. And that’s the first seed of gratitude sown in our minds by our parents. Don’t you agree?

I hope you liked today’s topic of how to handle when your child behaves in an entitled manner and how we can remove the entitledness in our children and instill gratitude in them. Please do share your comments. If you like these episodes, don’t forget to share them with your friends, subscribe to this podcast.

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Suhasini, IP, is the Author of the book “Practical Tips for Kids Mental Health.” As a certified kids and parents life coach, she helps/guides you toward a happy family life for your kids. She firmly believes that “Emotionally Happy Kids of today are the Mentally Strong and Happy Citizens of tomorrow.” Let’s make the world a happy and beautiful place for our kids to thrive.

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