Do you have an idea about the Parental Pressure on your child?

This is the third episode for stressed parents about their child’s board exams. In this episode, we highlight the importance of having a study planner and how it can ease the stress of preparing for the board exams. I also talk about how the parents can support their child emotionally during this stressful time.

Parental Pressure on the child

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You need to beat some xyz record in boards this time

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Transcript of the episode “Do you have an idea about the parental pressure on your children?”

Welcome to the new short series about the board exams Stress for parents and children. In the last episode, you heard about the importance of a study planner and how parents can support their child emotionally during this period.

Continuing that topic, let’s discuss the pressure we build on our children, knowingly or unknowingly.

Before we get into today’s episode, I want you to picture yourself as a teenager appearing for your boards just for one moment. And you walk into the family room, where your extended family is sitting and enjoying a movie. What would be the questions you would face from them?

How are you preparing for your exam? What percentage of marks can we expect from you? Another aunty will say that – you need to beat some xyz record in boards this time. Some other uncle will say – I can take a bet; you can’t beat my son’s records…

Now hang on for a moment – as mentioned earlier, this scenario doesn’t end there; it gets repeated throughout the year – day in and day out at every function or family gathering. 

All these family members are well-wishers and want you to do your best, excel in your studies, and secure a good job. But they are building pressure on you about the end result. They do not see the process and how much you are working hard towards it.

Now come back to the present moment and recollect your family dinner time or the last family conversation you had with your child.

We didn’t get into this position by watching mobile like this. We are here because we studied so hard, forgetting the rest of everything for this one year. If you struggle and work hard for this one year, you can enjoy the rest of your life. But, if you enjoy it now, you will suffer for your entire life.

Just imagine the situation of your child. Every day, the child gets to hear all sermons about the importance of studies. Yet, nobody appreciates the efforts he has put in throughout the year. All the parents are worried about is the end result – i.e., marks.

Now the child, whose emotional brain is still developing, would start worrying whether the parents would accept them if they get low marks. Some children might even take a drastic step, as they cannot take this much pressure. Most children don’t show this pressure outside, due to their teenage now. They think that if they show their weak side to others, they will tease them and not treat them as proper adults.

At this point, all they need is your empathy, that you understand their situation and are there to support them. Then, as told in the previous episode, spend time with them, chilling out. Don’t continuously nag them about their studies. Instead, make them responsible for their studies and remind them gently.

Once in a while, tell them to relax for a while. Pat their back that they are doing a good job. Then, try to keep them a little away from the well-meaning extended family members and neighbors who build that pressure on them. 

I hope you liked today’s episode. Do let me know your comments. I will come tomorrow with a few more tips for your parents to manage your stress on board exams.

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