How do self-care routines reduce the Board Exams stress levels in Parents?

This is the fourth episode for stressed parents about their child’s board exams. In this episode, I highlight how having self-care routines will help reduce stress levels in parents and children. I also talk about why selfcare routines are important during this critical period.

Self-care routines impact the board exams stress levels in the family - a podcast show by mommyshravmusings

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When we are not in the right mindset and not relaxed, how can we provide the emotional support that our children require during this critical period?

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Transcript of the episode “How do Selfcare routines reduce the Board Exams stress in Parents?”

Welcome to the new short series about board Exams Stress for parents and children. This series mainly aims to provide small tips that can be easily implemented. If these tips are implemented, this board exams stress will be considerably reduced.

In the last episodes, we spoke about the reasons for this stress in parents, the pressure that we are building on our children with our expectations, and the importance of emotional support that we have to provide to our children during this phase.

In today’s episode, let’s discuss about self-care routines during this critical period. When I say the word self-care, at least some of you would think that who has time for that self-care routine now? We are already so busy with the exam preparation.

Yes, my dear friends, that’s another reason why you should incorporate self-care routines even during this stressful period. Haven’t you heard the adage that one couldn’t pour from an empty cup?

When we are not in the right mindset and not relaxed, how can we provide the emotional support that our children require during this critical period? Yes, agreed we would not have the bandwidth or mindset to indulge in ME time separately.

But let me remind you that if you plan well, you can even incorporate self-care rituals into your busy schedule also. Time is always running, and it will keep running only. It’s only in our hands how well we manage our time. So we must push ourselves to create healthy habits that will benefit us in the long run.

The self-care time can also be converted into family time, where the family members together can

  • Have a cup of tea or coffee together
  • Do yoga,
  • Listen to music,
  • Meditate or pray together
  • Go for a walk together
  • Play a board game or a video game together.
  • Chat together while watching a sunset or nature
  • Go for a long drive

All these activities wouldn’t require much time, but the mindset needs to be changed so you & your family can spend some time together. During this time, please try to keep your mobiles silent and away. Start having a two-way conversation about different topics.  Please remember and tell everyone that the topics around exams and boards are totally out of bounds.

Once you start doing it, then you can observe much difference in yourself.  Your family will also begin to relax around each other. The bond between the family members will improve.

Depending on your family situation, you can come up with one or multiple options to spend time together. You can even ask your child to decide how you can spend time together.

As this is a critical time and all of you are trying to run against time, I am not suggesting elaborate self-care rituals or taking a day off. We all know it’s not feasible; we need to take a couple of minutes every day to relax and unwind.

In some families, all the family members can’t get together and unwind; then, you can do it individually at your convenience. But the underlining fact is that you should feel relaxed at the end of that short break.

Please try it out and let me know your thoughts on how having a proper self-care routine changed your stress levels. In the meantime, I will come tomorrow with a few more tips for you parents to manage your board exams stress.

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