Importance of Study Planner & Emotional Support during Board Exams

This is the second episode for stressed parents about their child’s board exams. In this episode, we highlight about the importance of having a study planner and how it can ease the stress of preparing for the board exams. I also talk about how the parents can support their child emotionally during this stressful time.

Importance of Study Planner and Emotional Support from Parents during the Board Exams episode on the Simplified Parenting Podcast

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Every child is driven by intrinsic motivation, which we, as parents, fail to see or understand.

Suhasini from Simplified Parenting with Emotionally Healthy Children Show

No wonder your child seems to be chilled out about the forthcoming board exams. In case you want to know the reason, tune into the podcast.

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Transcript of Importance of Study Planner and Emotional Support during Board Exams

Welcome to the new short series about Exams Stress for parents. In the last episode, you heard about the inner needs of your teenager who is appearing for the board exams. In this episode, let’s break the entire exam preparation into tiny steps, which would help you calm yourself and provide the confidence that you and your child can crack the board exams.

The board exams are just part and parcel of life, and it’s not the BE ALL of life. There is life beyond the boards, and we must prepare our children to face that life along with the boards.

Most schools would have covered the entire syllabus, and the schools also conducted the preparatory exams or the pre-boards. So that means your child has already completed the syllabus several times. No wonder the child is confident about the boards.  Some kids would also have identified their weak areas in every subject. But not all kids would be capable of doing that, and that’s where they need our handholding.

Hence, most children need our support in preparing the revision plans and some help in their weak areas. 

If we keep nagging them constantly to study, their still-developing brain will start hating those subjects where they got fewer marks compared to your expectations. So, instead of focusing on their marks and asking them to study harder, please take time out to sit with them to understand in which area they got fewer marks. If you are not an expert in that subject, please get external help from your partner or tutors.

While preparing the study plan with your child, please remember to allocate time for food, sleep, and some downtime slots. We all know this proverb, “all work makes jack a dull boy isn’t it?” Break times will recharge their tired brain cells and will make them reenergized. During that time, watching gadgets for their favorite show or playing their favorite video game wouldn’t do much harm. But this needs to be done within healthy boundaries. So discuss with them how much time they would need for this recharging using gadgets.

Also, please incorporate some physical activity in exercises, yoga, or even simple walking. A physically healthy body can concentrate well and learn more quickly. Finally, include family rituals like meditating, praying, or chilling together.

Those rituals would help the child understand that their parents are there for them irrespective of the exams.

The last point I want to highlight is that every child is driven by intrinsic motivation, which we, as parents, fail to see or understand. But please remember that no child would like to fail the exams. For them to crack these exams, they need more emotional support from their parents.

So that’s all for today, folks; I will come tomorrow with a few more tips for you parents to manage your board exams stress.

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