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With the Corona Virus forcing us to take a refugee in our safe homes and stay closed down. But there are millions of people who are suffering out there in the real world, without a roof on their heads and no jobs/money to feed them. The media is doing their job by publishing their tired faces fleeing down from their work cities and migrating towards their home towns/villages. Which is a grim reality indeed. The government and few individuals are doing as much as they can to help these people. But still, it’s not enough. But this story about “No Free Lunches” is intended to bring out a cheerful smile on your face, despite the gloomy effect this pandemic is creating around you.

Typically, the migrant workers move from one state to the other in the search of their jobs. One such set of migrant workers were working in Rajasthan state were quarantined in Palsana village (in Sikar district) senior secondary school, when they tried to cross the Rajasthan state border after the COVID pandemic struck the state. These people are from various states and are working as building workers, agricultural laborers before they started the migration.

Looking at their condition, the villagers took turns in feeding these 50 odd people within their limited means, so that these laborers wouldn’t have to starve. When enquired for the reason for this good deed as the entire village community, the village sarpanch mentioned that their village still believed in the age-old Indian tradition “Athidi Devo Bhava” and that’s why they were feeding them with whatever material available for the villagers.

But the twist in the tale comes here only, as these laborers couldn’t sit idle after getting healthy and tasty food from the villagers. In the beginning, they started cleaning the school playground and the surrounding compound without informing any villagers. So while discussing amidst themselves, when they discovered that they do have a painter and carpenter among themselves, they discussed with the village sarpanch and started the school building painting and restoration work. The raw materials were provided from the school funds accumulated earlier.

They still believe in the old values which our elders taught to us and think that they need to repay the villagers who fed them despite their hardships. As they understand that there can be “No Free Lunches” for anyone in this world.

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When the media spoke to this migrant workers team, as to why they had taken up this hard work, their reply was that “Free lunches can’t be digested at all, and we need to work to earn our meal“. Villagers were totally surprised and very happy with this gesture from these new guests in their village. The new guests are happy with the villager’s hospitality.

Don’t you all agree that there are a couple of lessons, we can learn from this incident despite the grim reality surrounding it. This is the ancient wisdom passed on by our elders in our Indian traditions, which is most relevant even today. Don’t you all agree, my dear friends that there is so much to learn from our age-old Indian traditions?

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  1. That is the most wonderful story! Giving back in return – a real win-win story. Big smiles thank you so much Shrav!

  2. This is a wonderful story of compassion and generosity. Thanks for sharing, Suha.

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