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Book Review – Lady You’re Not a Man!!

The Woman’s day celebrations would be incomplete if we don’t talk about the book “Lady you’re not a Man!!”. I can confidently say that this is one book, which definitely provides the fire under your wings or let you develop the wings (if you didn’t have till now) to fly away for all the women. So I take this occasion, to present the book review of the book that I enjoyed a lot and actually got inspired to look at my inner strengths once again on this year’s Women’s day.

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Author: Apurva Purohit

Publisher: Rupa Publications

Genre: Management /Self-help

Available at: Amazon | Amazon Kindle

My take on LADY YOU’RE NOT A MAN!! by Apurva Purohit

This book is not a typical self-help book but is totally filled with a lot of personal anecdotes to make the reading interesting. I could never put down this book as it got me so much enthralled into reading and reflecting at the same time. I could definitely put the faces to the characters which Apurva has mentioned in her book from my own organization, as I had also encountered all most all of those characters.

Ms. Apurva has wisely divided the book into three sections, ACCEPTANCE, ADAPTING and ACHIEVING and under each of these sections, she has chosen the key topics which are on the hot burner for a long time and gave her perspective on them.

Each and every person irrespective of gender have to agree to the points she has mentioned under the ACCEPTANCE. Even the Pepsi Co, CEO Indra Nooyi has mentioned the fact that “Woman can not have all, and we shouldn’t try to become Super Woman“. We should all ACCEPT the fact that we need to make hard choices day in and day out and based on the priority either our Mommy hat has to come first or our job hat. This fact has been well illustrated by the author in this book.

Under the ADAPTING section, she has mentioned all the factors that one needs to keep in mind when they are trying to climb up the corporate ladder and these lessons are equally important to all the people irrespective of the genders. She could have elaborated little more on the networking and brand establishment for the sake of corporate women, as that’s what most of the people keep missing out. But considering the crispness of this book, it makes sense just to touch upon the topic and leave it for the readers to do the required homework. The only topic which she missed out in this section is how to establish your own brand for ourselves.

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ACHIEVE once again crisply points out the facts that we tend to ignore and stresses out on the fact that we need to bear them in mind all the time. Of course,  the author could have added a few more topics like establishing the brand and positive networking separately. Instead, she chose to cover them along with her chosen 10.

Final Recommendation: I would recommend this book to every person irrespective of the gender to read, as males would understand what they can expect from their female colleagues and vice-versa holds true. This book is like a refresher course for everybody. For the people who really don’t have time to read the entire book, her ten lessons at the end of each section would provide the gist of the book.

Author’s Note: This article was earlier published in my own Management Blog, which has been closed later.

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