Daily Affirmations for Kids and its impact in their life. A blog post by MommyShravmusings

10 Daily Affirmations which work like magic on your kids

Everyone would have heard about Affirmations and their positive impact on us somewhere or the other. Then you might ask, what’s so big a deal about these daily affirmations for kids. That’s what even I felt sometime back, and never really bothered about introducing my child to the concept of affirmations. Though we keep telling him that you are unique and special as a part of our Montessori Parenting philosophy, we never really gave ourselves time to affirmations.

Our Story:

But during the pandemic, when the entire world is shut down and my child has lost his privilege to spend time with peers. For an eight-year-old boy, socializing and meeting his friends is a part of growing up. When the entire fun part of his life has been taken away due to lockdown, my child went through a stressful phase, and his usual bubbly nature started to mellow down. He never had a role model to look up to so that he can think of conquering a tough task.

In the meantime, his gymnastics classes have started online and his coaches are asking him to do a headstand. I know, he will not be able to do it, so went to hold his legs so that, he can hold himself properly. He kicked me so hard that I was pushed almost a foot or two. His coaches were worried, whether he would hurt himself in this process. My kid also became totally upset and started telling himself that he can’t do a headstand. He is not a good gymnast anymore.

That’s when the hard truth has hit me, with his words echoing in my ears for a day or two. In order to pep him up, we worked out positive encouragement techniques and started boosting his self-confidence. Slowly, he started understanding the basic techniques of the headstand. Within two weeks, he was able to do a perfect headstand that his coaches themselves were a little surprised with his persistence in completing the difficult task. That’s when we realized the positive impact the affirmations have on the child’s development.

When is the right time to use these Affirmations with Kids?

So, now you all must be also wondering just like me, as to is there the right time to introduce this concept of daily affirmations to kids. When and how to introduce them to the affirmations. Affirmations are nothing but the positive talk that you are going to have with your kids. As a parent, we always use encouraging phrases for kids. So, we can introduce them whenever we use encouraging words with them.

Also, please note that every child is different and his need for affirmations would be different. So there is no straightforward copy-paste list of affirmations that one can use. But, you need to tailor them based on your needs and situations.

To introduce reading the daily affirmations, the kid should be able to speak a couple of sentences fluently and is able to repeat along with us. To start with, we need to recite these affirmations along with the kids, till the time they get the hang of them. Once they are able to recite them with ease, we can make any new changes to that list based on our needs.

How will these Affirmations work with Kids?

This is one of those difficult questions for which we can’t answer quantitatively, but can only give the qualitative proof. All these affirmations are nothing but the positive self talk which we teach our kids, so that the negative or the self-harming thoughts are removed from their brains.

Research shows that almost 70% of our thoughts are always negative and it needs a lot of consistent practise to remove or convert those negative thoughts into the positive thoughts. We can only use the positivity and mindfulness around us to remove the consistent negative chatter that keeps happening inside our brains.

Kids being tender and not still influenced by the negativity around them, it’s easier for us to mold their thinking into positive thinking. And as per the law of attraction, the more positive kids think, they can achieve what they want earlier in life. So, as parents, it’s our first responsibility to remove the negative talk from our kid’s life. So, using these daily affirmations with kids can do wonders for their life. One can see a remarkable change in them once we start using these affirmations on them.

Sample positive affirmations that I used for my son.

Here, are the list of few affirmations that I use regularly with my child.

10 Daily Affirmations for Happy Children

I always believe in you

You are a brave child

There are no limits for you

You are willing to try out new things and challenges

You are a good fighter

You care for others deeply

I will be there for you always

I love hanging out with you

You are Unique

You make others smile

There are a lot more affirmations than those, I have listed above. I keep adding based on the situations at home or his school. of course, there are days when like a typical eight-year-old boy, my son wouldn’t listen to any of these or practice these affirmations. All he wants to do is to lie down and crib. That happens for everyone isn’t it. So we need to give him some space and time to dwell in that emotion of frustration. I just give him my shoulder to lean on and support him during that time. Then he would be bouncing back slowly, but surely as all the earlier affirmations would start working on him internally.

Books that I used:

Affirmations for Kids by Julio Medina is one book that I stumbled across in Kindle Unlimited. This book is short and crisp and contains affirmations that we can use directly with our kids. It’s also formatted in such a way that we can take the printouts and hang them in our children’s rooms as well.

But my kid has liked “Mistakes are How I learn by Kiara Wilson“. Now that he has reached the age of self-reading, he wants to read books on his own and think about them, without my interference sometimes. So, we kept this book handy in our KU for him to read and reread as and when he feels like it.

Suhasini, IP, is the Author of the book “Practical Tips for Kids Mental Health.” As a certified kids and parents life coach, she helps/guides you toward a happy family life for your kids. She firmly believes that “Emotionally Happy Kids of today are the Mentally Strong and Happy Citizens of tomorrow.” Let’s make the world a happy and beautiful place for our kids to thrive.


  1. Beautiful post, I have marked it as a reminder to myself.

    1. Thank you Anjali for dropping by and appreciating the post.

  2. Let me try these affirmations as well. They seem to be great

    1. Yes Saba, please do try them. The affirmations for kids really work like a magic on them.

  3. Affirmation and Positive Identity is so important in confidence boosting. Thanks for writing it nicely. Even though it’s focused on parenting, anyone can definitely draw parallels for our own lives. 🙂

    1. Thank you, yes Affirmations do work like magic for all the people. At the same time, the affirmations if practised on kids would really do wonders in their future life.

      1. Yes, Definitely. It will instill the affirmation habits in them which they will pass it on to others!

  4. Encouraging children leaves a positive impact on them. Make it a practice and see the difference:) a

    1. Well said Aditi. Thank you for dropping by

  5. I am a huge believer in Affirmations and i have seen them work wonders. Glad you have been using them for your child.

    1. Yes Mayuri. They really work like magic, especially on the Kids, who doesn’t doubt what we say.

  6. I am going to try these with my boys! Thanks so much for sharing this post!

    1. Thank you Prathibha, please let me know your boys have taken them up. In a session today, one kid was totally surprised with this concept and wanted to know more…every time the kid’s reactions would be different and yet thought provoking

  7. Affirmations and the positivity is a must for the kids ! So glad that you found them useful .

    1. Thank you Chinmayee. Yes they really work wonders if we try them honestly

  8. Such a beautiful affirmative article. Positive talks always have a great impact on children, it boosts their confidence and will to do. ‘I believe in you’ and ‘I will be there for you’ are few affirmations I often use, but now I’m sure gonna increase my list and ensure to use the one’s you had listed. Great article.

    1. Thank you Pragun, yes please do try them out on your kids.

  9. Lovely positive affirmations go a long way in moulding a healthy and confident child .Really admire the way u young people are raising your kids.

    1. Thank you Harjeet. These days, we don’t have the support of the village to raise the kids. So we need to wear multiple hats and this is just one of them. ?

  10. yes dear this pandemic period was hard on all of us. and kids also had stressful time in dealing with this. I agree that positive affirmations work wonderfully in setting a positive mood and uplifting our spirit. will surly try this with my girls soon.

    1. Yes, Surbhi you said it rightly. This pandemic has taught me a lot of new things especially on the parenting side.

  11. Every child is unique and I believe in you is such powerful affirmations that every parent should say to their kids.

    1. Yes Affirmations for Kids are the powerful tools that every parent should use.

  12. A truly positive post. Will be coming back for more
    Deepika Sharma

  13. I have also written post on affirmation few days back and I totally believe that these work like magic

    1. Oh thats wonderful. I will go back and read that post now. Thanks for sharing it. ?

  14. Very well said! Affirmative words are the real morale booster, that gives kids a continuous push to do better, even sometime out of their comfort zone. Loved the positive post.

    1. Thank you Archana. Yes, these affirmations do work like magic on the kids.

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