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8 tips to inculcate the art of Joyful Living in Kids

Every child when born as a bundle of joy. That’s why the elder people in the house normally say that the kids are as pure as a god. But they lose this joy and happiness somewhere down the line while growing up. Have you ever wondered why is this happening to the kids, or even with us? It’s mainly because of the stress that we started developing within ourselves due to the highly competitive world, we are living in. Kids are just emulating us and our stress is sending them the cues, due to which they are also becoming stressed. That’s the reason why we are seeing more whining kids at home rather than happy kids. So what are the ways to remove this stress and revert back to the Joyful Living like that in earlier days? How to inculcate the art of Joyful living in Kids?

8 Tips to inculcate the art of Joyful Living in Kids

What is Joyful Living?

These days, most people think that happiness will come after they achieve this or that. But that sort of happiness is never there to stay forever. Once you achieve happiness by getting something, another thing will start vying for your attention. And, people keep running after this fleeting happiness. That’s not a real joy or happiness if you would ask me.

It’s actually very hard to define what is meant by pure happiness or Joy, without getting the mindfulness into the definition. If you are enjoying your presence there and savoring each and every moment, without any expectations that’s what the Joyful living or the slow living if you ask me honestly.

Joyful living would give us contentment and also removes the unnecessary stress and tensions that we are building up within ourselves.

Tips to practise the art of Joyful Living

Establish the Bond with Nature: The entire world is made up of beautiful things. Observing and appreciating the beauty in the things around us brings serenity and peace to the mind. Even if you are living in the concrete jungle, you can still catch the glimpse of passing clouds or the plants on the balcony. Research shows that being closer to nature and having a connection with nature reduces our stress levels automatically.

Pamper yourself: Most people forget that everything starts within our minds. The same goes for happiness and joy too. So the more we take care of ourselves, the happier we would be as persons. So we need to work towards keeping ourselves fit and energetic. Also, we need to work on finding our passion and goals in life, so that we can satisfy our own intellectual capabilities as well.

Enjoy the Passion: Finding passion is just not enough, we need to take time out from our busy lives to practice that passion. By spending time doing the things that we love would increase the positive hormones in our body. Instead of just spending time doing that activity, if we keep pushing ourselves to become experts or achieve complex targets in that passion area, it would be more helpful for us in the longer run.

8 Tips to raise a Joyful Child blogpost by Mommyshravmusings

Enjoy the stillness and silence: Take a break now and then to enjoy the real silence and stillness, without doing anything. Silence will fill your hearts with appreciation and gratitude for simple things in life. Then only we can enjoy the simple pleasures in life.

Practice Empathy: When we start helping those in need and distress, it gives us immense satisfaction. Watching a person becoming really happy for something you have done will give you complete satisfaction. So that’s why we need to teach the children to appreciate these gestures and also to help others in need. The more they appreciate and the more they give, they will become happier.

Spend time with Animals: Having a pet or spending some time with a stray will always calm a person’s mind. Nowadays, in some apartment complexes, people are not able to have pets. But there are petting zoos coming up in every city and town. Visiting them once in a while and that way, we can get a chance to interact with the animals too.

Become a better version of yourself: Instead of competing with the outside world, always compete with yourself, so that you always can become a better version of yourself. This will not only remove the unnecessary stress on you but will also make you a better person.

Practice Gratitude: Thanking god and for the bright new day and appreciating the opportunities given to you will make you feel happier and peaceful. There is more to gratitude than just saying Thank you. Practicing gratitude helps you in understanding the simple pleasures of life.

Practicing all the above-mentioned tips along with the kids would help them learn the art of joyful living. Then we will be having the joyful and happy kids at home rather than the whining kids. Once they understand the benefits of Joyful living, they would also become ambassadors of the same. And they would be successful and happy in their future, without taking the unnecessary stress and tensions.

Joyful Living is slightly different from Mindfulness, as mindfulness means enjoying and savoring that particular moment in brief. Whereas, joyful living means facing life with a joyful attitude. We need to feel that happiness within ourselves first before proceeding further.

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  1. All the points you mentioned are so important to inculcate in our daily living style. Pamper yourself, to practising empathy, animals nature everything plays such an important role.
    Deepika Sharma

  2. Joyful living in kids will certainly make them happy and positive. Thanks for sharing simple doable tips, empathy, gratitude, interacting with animals all these small acts teach many life lessons. Parents want their kids to be happy and for that they should focus on helping them,

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