5 Tips to fill Zestfulness in Kids life and bring Zing back

For most of us, life has become a routine with no breaks. The work-life got extended from 8/10 hours into a full day during this pandemic, with work from home options. On top of it, we are having additional works like taking care of the house, kids, parents, etc which were earlier outsourced. So all this has really taken a toll on our mental health as well as the family’s mental health. Recent studies have shown that there is a huge spike in mental health issues post Pandemic. These numbers are huge in the case of kids too. The routine life with no breaks or is adding stress to the people. It becomes all the more important to bring back the zing in one’s life along with all its zestfulness. This blog though primarily aims at building the zestfulness in kids’ life, everyone can use the following tips.

How to fill Zestfulness in Kids Life?

What does Zest actually mean?

As per the dictionary meaning, Zest means relishing, enjoying with full energy. As per positive psychology, Zest is one of the twenty-four key strengths possessed by humanity. Zest is defined as living life with a sense of excitement, anticipation, and energy. Approaching every day’s life as an adventure and living it to the fullest is the essence of Zest.

Why we should build Zest in life?

If you want a very happy and exciting life, then you need to start looking at life with full zest. Only by being zestful in our life, we can reach our full potential, lead a richer and more enriching life, and in this process, we become the best versions of ourselves.

All this sounds promising and exciting, isn’t it? Then what is the quick mantra to achieve all those mentioned above? The mantra is very simple indeed. Do you remember the song from the Sound of Music movie – “My Favorite things“? That song really picturizes the zestful mentality of the heroine of the movie. She explains in this song to the kids that whenever the situations look bored or scary, remembering the favorite things would bring the zest back into life. Isn’t it so true?

Source: Youtube

So, finding our IKIGAI and spending a part of our day doing the things which we are passionate about will fill our life with Zest and would remove the boredom from our lives.

Life + IKIGAI == ZESTFUL LIFE === Happy Life

How to fill Zestfulness in Kids?

Even the kid’s lives have become monotonous and boring especially during this pandemic. That is the reason why their mental health is also taking a toll on them.

  1. Identify the Child’s passions and Interests: Agreed that the children’s passions and interests keep changing over a period of time. But allowing them space and time to explore their passions to the fullest level, without having any parental expectations or pressures on them will give them to understand their positives and negatives in that area.
  2. Be an enthusiastic Learner: Learning is a lifelong experience and expressing our happiness in front of kids for learning new things would really inculcate this love for learning in kids. Love for learning always makes the person a better version of themselves.
  3. Enjoying the moment: Instead of waiting for the big day or big event for celebrations at home, celebrating small events or even the impromptu celebrations for completing an activity at home, will teach the value of celebrations and enjoying life without any conditions to the kids. These celebrations need not be budget heavy, just listening to a song or dancing for a sequence can do the trick
  4. Giving our Best Shot: Whether it’s work or passion, if we always try to give our best shot in completing it, we keep improving ourselves in every attempt. If we don’t stop at failures, but take another new turn and complete that activity successfully teaches the kids not to stop at failures only. Talking about our failures and successes with the kids is most important.
  5. Gratitude: Practicing gratitude daily at home and praying to god or the superpower to sail us through the difficult times, will give the confidence to the kids that someone else is there to take care of them. This will remove the negative feelings and fill them with positivity.
5 tips to add Zestfulness into your Child's life

So, in order to foster this important and life-changing trait in kids, we need to model the above points in our lives. Kids learn by observing the parents and if we really want to fill zestfulness in kids’ life, then we need to fill the same in our lives first.

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  1. Loved all your tips and that song from sound of music.. wow never linked it too zest. Come to think of it its so true. Beautiful series all the posts were interesting and apt
    Deepika Sharma

  2. Kids would bloom under you, Suhasini. Are you a teacher? If you are you must an awesome one. All your tips are so doable and so good for the kids. If my grandsons were here I would implement all.

  3. Very true. Kids are suffering. These are challenging times.
    Zestfulness & Zing are super words.
    Much needed now.

    I have Zest in my Z post too 🙂

  4. A wonderful description of Zest!! And remembering our favorite things is a great tip to add zest to our lives.
    That was a very helpful series, Suhasini. Waiting for your ebook. Best wishes.

  5. Well said Suhasini, inculcate the zest in our kids is the crucial aspect of parenting, I loved all the pointers and the song, the way you connected the life with ikigai and the sum product that comes out is happiness, how you have shown the path to get the happy auro around, is just awesome!!!

  6. Loved to read another helpful post. It’s essential to bring zest in children’s lives to help them enjoy childhood.
    Congratulations on the completion of the A2Z series:)

  7. Why just kids, we all need zest in life to keep it interesting and fun. Good points to help kids enjoy zest and being a happy part of it too.

  8. Oh, sure we all want zesty life for sure. Loved all pointers to help kids become zesty, & happy. Loved the song too. Your series in April 2021 was wonderful and helped improve kids mental health for sure. I wish all parents read these posts for healthy and happy kids who are mentally strong. I’m sure you plan to turn this series into eBook, look forward to it.

  9. Such wonderful tips. Being zestful is important for all of us especially now. But I do agree kids are going through unexpected time.. Something which they neither imagined not ready for it.. Your suggestions can make things easier for them.

  10. I love the song my favorite things. Absolutely true, to live the life to the fullest and worthy it is essential to know your zest. All pointers are brilliant.

  11. Loved all the pointers dear and I agree it is very important to enjoy the moment. Many times we wait for special things to happen for being happy but in reality happiness of life lies in enjoying small moments. Many congratulations dear for completing another A2Z successfully

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