Book Review: Bloggers Unplugged by Ruchi Verma

I had picked up this book, “Bloggers Unplugged” first for my quick read as I wanted to know what additional details Ruchi has included apart from her wonderful comics on the blogger’s life, while she converted her A2Z posts into the book.

About the Book and Author:

Ruchi tried to discuss the various myths and misconceptions around bloggers and how blogging is treated as a profession. In her EBook, she tried giving a sneak peek into the Blogger’s life in a funny way, using the comics to her advantage.

Ruchi is well known in the blogging world with her blogs on Life Style, Health, and Parenting. She is also a teen parenting coach and helps with the teens and their problems in a very effective way.

My Review of Bloggers Unplugged:

As stated earlier itself, I was curious to see what else she has added additionally into this book. Believe me, she didn’t disappoint me this time around.

She has picked up the most important topics of the Blogger’s life right from setting up the blog, SEO, Marketing, traffic, ethics. You name the topic in the blogging world, she has covered it in this book under different alphabets. She didn’t miss out on the parties that bloggers do get attracted to and don’t want to miss out on. It’s like reading the daily rituals of any typical blogger. It’s like reading their complete blogging life is completely unplugged in the form of graphics.

That’s the reason why I say that the best part of this book is the graphics and images for this book, which gives a humorous touch to the blogger’s life in a witty manner. One can’t stop smiling and nodding their heads after seeing those graphics. Her hard work in designing these graphics is very clearly visible.

I am not planning to add any spoilers here, but her conclusions for every topic are a must-read. There is one more surprise which even the most seasoned bloggers would approve of in her book.

This book is like a concise manual for bloggers. Having said so many positive points, if I have to really look for negative points here, there are none absolutely. Only one simple suggestion that in case if Ruchi ever plans to expand her book, then it can be easily converted into the bible for new bloggers.

I would honestly, recommend her book to all the new bloggers to read before they start thinking of blogging. It not only captures the positive side, but also the hardships and the mental stress and trauma each blogger goes through. That way, this book will provide a very balanced inputs to the readers.

I hope now you have become very curious as to where is this book “Bloggers Unplugged” is available. It’s available for free download only for a limited period of time here (as a part of the Blogchatter’s EBook carnival)

Even my book that’s been published as part of the same carnival is available here for your quick read. It’s a children’s fiction written by me and my son, Shrav together. Will wait for your review of my book.


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