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3 Best Bear Grylls Books for Kids Who Love Outdoors and Adventure

Is there anything more exciting for a young adventurer than stepping into the wild, exploring the great outdoors, and learning the art of survival? For kids with a boundless love for the thrill of the wilderness and the spirit of adventure, Bear Grylls is a name that needs no introduction. The renowned adventurer, survival expert, and television personality has conquered some of the most challenging terrains on Earth and inspired a new generation of explorers through his captivating children’s books.

In this guide, we’re diving headfirst into the world of Bear Grylls books for kids. Whether your little ones are already seasoned outdoor enthusiasts or are just beginning to discover the wonders of nature, these books are tailor-made to spark their curiosity, boost their confidence, and fuel their passion for adventure.

Why should parents introduce Bear Grylls Books to their Kids?

Bear Grylls’ books offer a unique blend of adventure, education, and inspiration. By introducing these books to their children, parents can play a significant role in shaping their kids’ character, fostering a love for the outdoors, and providing valuable life lessons that will serve them well throughout their lives.

  1. Promoting a Love for the Outdoors: Bear Grylls’ books can inspire a deep appreciation for nature and encourage kids to explore the world beyond screens and technology.
  2. Encouraging Physical Activity: Many of Bear Grylls’ adventures involve physical challenges, such as hiking, climbing, and surviving in the wilderness. These stories can motivate kids to get active, stay fit, and develop a healthy lifestyle.
  3. Teaching Essential Survival Skills: Bear Grylls’ books are not just about thrilling stories; they also impart valuable survival knowledge, like building a shelter, finding food, and navigating in the wild, which could be practical and potentially life-saving in certain situations.
  4. Fostering Independence: The characters in Bear Grylls’ books often find themselves in challenging situations where they must rely on their resourcefulness and problem-solving abilities.
  5. Building Confidence: Overcoming obstacles in adventurous tales can boost a child’s self-confidence. It teaches them that they can face challenges, adapt to new environments, and emerge stronger.
  6. Promoting Environmental Awareness: Many Bear Grylls’ adventures occur in remote or endangered environments. Reading about these places can raise awareness about conservation and environmental issues.
  7. Inspiring Curiosity: These books can spark curiosity about science, geography, and the natural world. Children may become more interested in learning about animals, plants, and ecosystems.
  8. Encouraging Goal Setting: Bear Grylls’ characters often set and work hard to achieve goals. This can inspire kids to set their own goals and work toward them with determination.
  9. Quality Family Time: Reading these books together can create wonderful bonding moments between parents and children. Discussing the stories and their lessons can lead to meaningful conversations.
  10. Enhancing Reading Skills: Bear Grylls’ books are engaging and can motivate reluctant readers to pick up a book. They offer an opportunity for kids to improve their reading skills while enjoying exciting stories.

These are several compelling reasons why parents should consider introducing Bear Grylls books to their kids.

Bear Grylls Books for Kids - a blog pos by Mommshravmusings

Bear Grylls Books for Kids

Bear Grylls books are designed to be both entertaining and educational, providing young readers with valuable lessons in teamwork, problem-solving, and outdoor survival skills.

Bear Grylls Sticker Activity Books:

This series is perfect for introducing younger kids to different habitats worldwide. This series contains six books with fun illustrations, facts, and stickers. Bear Grylls will take you into the deeper side of the habitats to introduce you to unique animals that reside in various habitats. The books in this series cover the following habitats:

  • Rainforest
  • Desert
  • Woodlands
  • Mountains
  • Coasts
  • Under the Sea
Bear Grylls Sticker Activity Books for Kids

Recommended Readers age: 5+ years

They are ideal for younger readers as these books contain big illustrations of various habitats and have many stickers that the kids can use to understand more about the animals and different habitats.

Bear Grylls Activity Books:

These books are ideal for elementary kids interested in solving various word puzzles like word search, word maze, and other activities along with coloring. There are a total of eight books in this series. These books talk about various species of animals. The books in this series are:

  • Reptiles and Amphibians coloring book
  • Reptiles and Amphibians activity book
  • Animals in the Jungle coloring book
  • Endangered Animals activity book
  • Animal Detectives activity book
  • Polar Worlds activity book
  • Dangerous Animals activity book
  • Wild Survival activity book
Bear Grylls Activity Books

Recommended Reader’s age: 6+ years

All the activities in these books have been designed keeping the Reader’s age in mind. They are not just fun activities but are informational, fun, and engaging activities for the kids.

Chapter Books:

These chapter books are good ones to keep young readers engaged and teach them survival skills under challenging terrains. Bear Grylls will take the young readers on a different ride with every book, and the main protagonists alternate between girl and boy in other books. The books in this series are:

  • Blizzard Challenge
  • Desert Challenge
  • Jungle Challenge
  • Sea Challenge
  • River Challenge
  • Earthquake Challenge
  • Volcano Challenge
  • Safari Challenge
  • Cave Challenge
  • Mountain Challenge

These books serve as great read-aloud for your reluctant readers. The challenges discussed in these books are age-appropriate. They are also suitable for independent reading, and your elementary kids who have read Magic Tree House would get hooked on these books.

Recommended Readers age: 7-12 years

Parting Thoughts:

In a world increasingly tethered to screens and digital distractions, the allure of the great outdoors and the spirit of adventure are timeless. Bear Grylls, a name synonymous with bravery, survival, and exploration, has gifted us with a treasure trove of books designed to ignite the flames of curiosity in the hearts of young adventurers.

By introducing Bear Grylls’ books to your children, you’re not merely handing them stories; you’re presenting them with a blueprint for embracing the natural world, gaining life skills, and nurturing a sense of wonder. These books can potentially shape future explorers, adventurers, and environmental stewards.

So, why should parents introduce Bear Grylls books to their kids? The answer is simple: to inspire, educate, and entertain while instilling values that will serve them well throughout their lives. As you embark on this literary journey with your young ones, remember that the adventure is not confined to the pages of a book; it’s a lifelong quest to discover, learn, and grow.

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