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Unique and Motivating gift ideas for your children

This pandemic has affected a lot of people and children are the worst sufferers. They lost touch with their peer group and got attached to the gadgets. Children learn and grow amongst their peers. They get their daily motivation dose from the elder ones either at school or during play. Even though the pandemic restrictions have been lifted all over the world, the kids are yet to mingle and play with their peers in a carefree way. So, this is the time to motivate them with some unique and motivating gifts, which will help them to rediscover their passions and uniqueness.

As most of you already know that my child loves, dreams, and breathes cricket, I was searching for some good motivating gift ideas so that he can go back to his coaching sessions without any fears or anxieties. I had already gifted him a lot of autobiographies and other books about cricketers. But just reading wasn’t enough to inspire him. We also watched a lot of cricket movies. But the inherent laziness that got set in him during this pandemic has started giving him a host of reasons for skipping his practice sessions.

That’s when Lulucartoons came to my rescue. I heard about them through my friend and when I checked their website, I got to know that they do custom-made cartoons in various styles. When I checked their kid’s section they have an excellent variety of cartoons that can inspire the children. These cartoons depict the children succeeding in achieving their most cherished goals. It can be hitting their winning goal in their favorite dancing move or in their profession. This cartoon would be shared with you in the life-size, which can be printed in pasted in your kid’s room, which would become an excellent visual affirmation for them.

But there was no cricketer on that long list. So, I was a bit hesitant to ask them in the beginning, as I was not sure whether they would honor my request of drawing my kid in his cricketer custom animation. But they were very much willing and wanted to learn all about my kid’s area of expertise in cricket and wanted to try cartooning him in a way that he dreams of. So I had requested them to picturize my child in his favorite batting stance of hitting a helicopter shot. This is the outcome of that exercise. My child is really thrilled with this picture that he took the printout immediately and stuck it in his room.

Unique and motivating gift ideas for your children

After hanging this picture in his room, he got visual affirmations daily from that picture that he started attending his coaching sessions. As a mother what else I would require? I don’t have to nag or push my child to attend his classes. My job gets done by this picture itself, isn’t it? Now, won’t you all agree that this is the most unique and motivating gift that you can provide to your child so that he can start working hard in achieving his dreams? Thank you Lulucartoons for this wonderful gift.

Of course, some people commented that the face doesn’t look like my child Shrav. There are Shrav’s features like his smile and eyes incorporated here. But, we need to remember that this is a custom cartoon animation and not his digital portrait. Shrav is really very happy with this unique and motivating gift for him and so is the case with our entire family.

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