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Reading should not be presented to children as a chore or duty.  It should be offered to them as a precious gift. —Kate DiCamillo

These days, unfortunately, we as the parents are giving the gadgets as gifts to the kids and forgetting the most important gift, which opens the entire world in front of them. A wise old man had already said that “Books are the Window to the World”. But honestly, how many of us are really opening this window to our kids?

As a toddler, most of the kids would be happy to see the big pictures on the board books and they will spend more time with board books. But as they grow up, they get more attracted to gadgets and lose touch with books.  This trend would continue even after they enter the school, which will be followed by lower marks and grades and the permanent struggle for parents.

To avoid this struggle, it’s easier to keep the kids in touch with the books, even after they have been introduced to gadgets. As a parent, one needs to take efforts to make books attractive to kids along with gadgets. Since we can’t avoid the entry of gadgets into kids’ life, we can use the very same gadgets cleverly to increase their love for reading.

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Introduce Audiobooks:

Audiobooks are a great way to engage a toddler who has not yet started reading and get him glued to the interesting stories. We have a wide variety of books available in the form of audiobooks and there are a lot of apps that offer the audiobooks to the kids. We can download a few of them on our gadgets and make the kids listen to them.

Introduce them to EBooks:

For the kids, who started reading and are not willing to sit down with books, Ebooks is another option. These days, a lot of Ebooks are coming up in multiple languages with beautiful pictures too for kids. Subscribing to the Kindle app is the best way to keep the kids engaged with books even while using gadgets. This habit, in fact, would reduce the load of the books to be carried while traveling.

Give them puzzles on the gadgets using the storyline from books

Some of the kid-friendly apps have puzzles designed from their storybooks. One can download those apps and these apps do provide Ebooks as well as the puzzles that go with these books. Otherway, would be for the parent to prepare the puzzles for the kids. Puzzles are always an interesting start for the kids to prepare them for a new book.

Books from the Movies:

A lot of kids’ movies were built on children’s fiction books. So making the kids read the books after watching the movie together would give the kids far better insights into the plot and the author’s creative skills. This will interest them to pick up more books before they watch the movie.

 There is no such thing as a child who hates to read; there are only children who have not found the right book. —Frank Serafini

So it’s upon us as the parents to help the kid find out the right book to rekindle the love for books which he had during his early toddlerhood days. There are different genre books which the kid would love based on his interests:

  1. Joke books: We can use these books, to make the kid sit down for a couple of minutes and enjoy a joke or two in the book.
  2. Growth Mindset books: For the kids who are having difficulty in dealing with various emotions, the growth mindset books which capture the various emotions or the struggles faced by a person and how he overcame would help them in dealing with their feeling emotions and feelings
  3. Fiction: For kids who are interested in storytelling, fiction would help them in their creativity
  4. Non-Fiction/History: Helps the kids gather the facts and details about their point of interest.

This list can go on endless but has captured the most important categories for the kids. So we as parents, if we want to give the best and greatest gift to our kids, then its only books and books

One of the greatest gifts adults can give—to their offspring and to their society—is to read to children. —Carl Sagan

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  1. Reading is really important for children’s brain development, as we well know. But listening is super important as well. Kids (and adults) can listen audiobooks, which exposes them to new vocabulary and ideas. This list of audiobooks for preschoolers isn’t meant to supplant carer/child reading time, which is really important bonding time for children. This is meant to support reading by giving a the child carer a chance to make lunch, take a shower, or anything else, without having to flip on the TV.

  2. Gadgets truly, have become a part of child’s life. But, if correct book is given, then no one can stop them to develop the habit of reading. Amazingly penned your thoughts. 🙂

  3. Nicely compiled points. For ebooks, i think they should be exposed after some schooling years, not so early. Let them fall in love with the paper quality, smell of the books and dog-earing pages!

      1. I don’t have much real life experiences with kids (I’m not even an adult lol). Sounded very innovative to me. I read a lot of posts about the topic but didn’t find that reference anywhere else. So credit goes to you!

  4. I hear you! My cousin has given me the job to introduce the nephew to books since I have a better relation with books than her. Even when he was 3 months old, I got 3-4 books for him, just so he’s familiar with them 🙂

  5. Excellent tips! My son is at that age where he’s curious about the world: bugs, animals and dinosaurs. So we got him several books on these topics and all of a sudden it’s a desire to read and look over them before bedtime. Getting them hooked on books could be as easy as finding what interests them and giving them a resource to look into. Just avoid showing them anything on Youtube or electronic devices. The book is the primary resource in our house!

  6. That quote at the beginning is beautiful and so true! I read with my little ones every day. They’re too young to read on their own, but they LOVE books and I hope we keep it that way!

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