Book Review – Starlit Sky – A World to explore

The book’s title gives the heads-up that the Starlit Sky book is about the sky. But since this book came under the non-fiction genre, I thought it could not be about the stories that happened under the sky. But as the #Blogchatter gave me this book (Starlit Sky – A World to explore) as a compulsory book to review, I picked up this book and started reading. Yes, my initial doubts were very much correct, and this book is not about the sweet nothings that happened under the sky but about the stuff happening in the sky.

Still not sure what this book is all about – it’s about the Milkyway and the various stars that are present in a milky way and how these stars make our lives more interesting.  I got my hands on this book at the right time, as recently, my kid started getting more curious about stars and planets. So I could use this book as a reference and start telling him more about various star constellations and how they work.

Book Review of Starlit Sky - a blog post by Mommyshravmusings

Review of Starlit Sky:

In simple terms, this book explains the Solar system, various star constellations, and how to view these constellations from down below. The figures are given in a very simple format and are easy to understand, especially for school-going kids. The explanation for each constellation is also simple and to the point.


The author has also included the latest scientific discussions going on that are relevant for those chapters and are given as the random gyaan under each chapter. She has also taken up the pains to document other relevant information across various mythologies to make this book more interesting.


None I could think of, as this book captures everything under the topic of Milkyway and its various constellations.


This book could be downloaded and used as a reference book for school-going kids. This book for sure increases their curiosity in Astronomy.

About the Author:

The author of this book is Meena Chatty, an avid blogger who could find her blogs Balcony Sunrise. She writes about her experiences and feelings in this space which are very interesting to read.

Reviewer’s Note:  You can find my other book reviews here.

Rating and other Details:

Book Title: Starlit Sky – A World to Explore

Genre: Non-fiction

Author: Menna Chatty

Number of Pages: 75

Available: PDF, Blog Chatter Library

My Rating: 4.5/5.0


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    1. I really loved your book that’s why good review, as your book deserves it ?

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