Book Review – Tiffin treats

Tiffin box is one item in the entire kid’s belongings that moms would be more obsessed about. In fact, the first question that comes from the majority of the mom’s while picking up their kids after the school would be “Dabba khaya kya?”  (have you finished your tiffin box?). Even the mom’s like me who are not vocal about this question would stealthily check the weight of the lunch bag and start asking questions leading to the lunch box. Isn’t this the case with you all my dear friends?

So here comes our savior to tackle all our tiffin box tantrums. Pragun from has given us an innovative way to solve all the tantrums associated with the tiffins.

In her latest EBook, Tiffin Treats released as a part of the Blog chatter EBook Carnival, contains a variety of tiffins for each alphabet, starting from A to Z.   For each alphabet, she has given a minimum of five recipes. Her recipes are full of nutrition and we don’t have to worry about providing a balanced diet to the kids.

Her recipes include both the traditional Indian varieties as well as the continental ones. She has Indianized the pasta and others to suit the kid’s tastes. Her Egg Paratha is one such dish. She has incorporated the millets like finger millets, quinoa also into her tasty treats. Kids would love to eat them, as she has clubbed it with so many other ingredients.

Her “Tiffin Treats” book proves the fact time and again that kids love the variety and if their tiffin boxes contain, different varieties of food, then they would come empty. Which means kids are full and happy and mommies would be happy as they had given the balanced diet to their kids.

Her instant dhokla and Frankie are a major hit in my house. So that’s another reason for picking up the “Tiffin Treats”  for my first review.

Last but not least, the pictures she has captured in the book are really fantastic and mouthwatering too.

Author’s Note:

This review is a part of the Blog Chatter EBook review program. You can view my other book reviews here.

Book Title: Tiffin Treats

Author: Praguntatwa

Number of Pages: 88

Genre: Food

Link: Tiffin Treats PDF

Rating: 4.5/5.0



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